Manic Media

If any of you have seen my father’s movie/music closet you probably thought, “wow, that’s friggin awesome!” or “wow, this guy must really like music/movies”. I bet none of you thought, “this is going to inspire his daughter and create a freak of nature who becomes obsessive with movies and she is going to marry […]

Filling in the blanks

Ugh, so I thought I lived in this fabulous home, filled with fabulous things. I was sooooo excited to start taking pictures and share them and then I realized GOOD LORD THERE IS A CORNER WITH NOTHING IN IT!!!! or HOLY MACKEREL THAT END TABLE IS SO BLAH!!!! I would have never noticed this otherwise. […]

First Impressions

So along with the bed thing, I wanted needed a house with an entry/foyer/lobby. I’ve always loved a furnished entry, there’s just something about walking into a well thought out entrance that makes me feel all cozy inside. Kinda like these: Other than the “to die for” wallpaper or crazy green carpet, these looks aren’t […]

Stray thoughts on a rainy Sunday

I kind of secretly love the fact it’s raining today, allows for some guilt free inside lay down time after a very happy Saturday. About yesterday’s post Ikea was a ton of fun and I’m loving how I was able to go in and allow myself to look at some fun home accessories to spruce […]

Pinch me! I’m dreaming: Anotha Mastah Makeovah

Yesterday I got a facebook comment that made my day week life. A fabulous lady I went to school with a few years back sent me this: Dead. I died. This lovely gal recently got married and moved into a house herself. Her house is fab and every time she posts pics I creep around […]

It’s Aliiiiiiive!

I read somewhere once when styling a room (or just having a room that feels complete – – I can’t remember), there should always be one living thing present (flowers, plant, pet, people). I unknowingly love that rule. In my opinion no room is complete without flowers! Now, having flowers in every room of your […]

Mastah Needs a Makeovah

It’s been two years, only TWO YEARS since we’ve been frolicking in our home. After we moved in I pretty much finished decorating and pulling it together only a few months. I didn’t “savor” the design process, I kinda wish I did. That being said, I still love every room in our home, except one […]

Put em up… put em up….

Snappies on the wall that is! I love homes that have personal photos on the walls. Doesn’t matter if they’re professional pictures, candid, color or black and white, I just like em. More importantly is how they are arranged, I feel like THAT is the real art. I have a two gallery walls goin’ on […]