I Spy with My Little Eye: Target

As I’ve said a dozen and a half times, I love home accessories, but I love switching them up more. When hub and I moved into our empty shell of a house we had to fill it, so being newlyweds and completely naive we filled it with the best. We spent top dollah on our […]

Hi, My Name is Stephanie and I’m Addicted to Furniture.

The more ridiculous the better. I just love it all. I used to think that a room should be designed around crazy, kooky pieces of furniture. I think I was wrong. Ok prints maybe (mayyyybe, depends on the print), but other than that, no. These bold pieces should fit right in and not be the […]

Hold Up Hold Up Holllllld Up, H&M Home!?!?

Am I the last person in the whole wide world that didn’t know H&M had a home line? Are. You. Flippin. SERIOUS!?!?!? It’s perfect for random sprucing up and cheap spicing of the home persuasion. I have been really trying to drive up traffic to the site and played around with WordPress and found some […]

Join Me on a Magic Carpet Ride

Another fab lady messaged me about some interior guidance. This one’s a fun one… she informed me that she just bought a couch, has chocolate window panels and wants a rug that will help add color to the room. I had a BLAST! I love adding color to a room. It’s even more fun when […]

Filling in the blanks

Ugh, so I thought I lived in this fabulous home, filled with fabulous things. I was sooooo excited to start taking pictures and share them and then I realized GOOD LORD THERE IS A CORNER WITH NOTHING IN IT!!!! or HOLY MACKEREL THAT END TABLE IS SO BLAH!!!! I would have never noticed this otherwise. […]