Manic Media

If any of you have seen my father’s movie/music closet you probably thought, “wow, that’s friggin awesome!” or “wow, this guy must really like music/movies”. I bet none of you thought, “this is going to inspire his daughter and create a freak of nature who becomes obsessive with movies and she is going to marry a man who is equally crazed about CDs and together they’re going to make a media shelf baby”, because that is exactly what happened. While hub and I did not put an addition on our house and include a media closet as a “must have” (yes, that is what happened), we made due with some in-tense research (research = going to ikea and stealing display CDs and DVDs and trying every single shelving unit, despite being told some weren’t supposed to store such things). (((((OMG IKEA AGAIN!?!?!?!?!) haha ok seriously, the shelving unit is really the only other thing we’ve ever purchased there and this was 2 years ago. Annnyyywayyyy take a looksee at the masterpiece/eye spy:


Don’t you think for one second that those movies aren’t categorized by genre AND alphabetical order.

It’s kind of organized chaos of everything ever in our lives. Other than the movies and music it has a little bitta me, little bitta hub, and a whole lotta fun stuff. Hub hates, and I mean HATES “stuff” aka tchotchkes aka dust collectors. But here, yes HERE is where they thrive and possibly multiply.

Now, Pinterest didn’t exist when we created this monster, but here are some fab inspirations that I have tried to reference when arranging and rearranging: Image

Ok, maybe those are a little lot neater and more organized, but they don’t have 400+ movies and (unknown number) of CDs, but ours is just as fun. Segway to my point, MAKE IT FUNNNNN!! Take something you collect and show it off (boys this does not mean line your kitchen with liquor bottles like the frat guy who convinced his poor girlfriend it would look cute in their kitchen on Property Virgins, or was it House Hunters?)

If you really peruse our masterpiece you’ll see some of our collections (i.e. frames we collect on every vacation, stolen bar coasters, design mags, accessories I’ll switch into another room at some point).


Ok so maybe this isn’t the PRETTIEST of posts, but it’s fun, and you know you want to show off your crazy collection somewhere.

But yes, I am currently working on scoring this sups cute yellow shelving unit to put my super duper important psychology books (and disco balls) on. 

xoxo Stephanie


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