Nate Berkus, Gimme a (Nate Ber)KISS

First things first, Nate Berkus, Gimme a Kiss. Ok good. I have a serious, SERIOUS crush on Nate Berkus. Everything this man touches is perfection and I’m waiting to get his coffee table book for when I get my dumb school books ordered. But seriously, lets just drool over some of the amazingness he has […]

Tile With Style

I’m a big fat hypocrite. Just two stinkin days ago I was just blabbing ONLY WHITE TILES IN THE BATHROOM. Well, I still stand by that rant, but, BUT, if you CAN get some kickass tiles it can be timelessly awesome instead of dated and drab. Lookie here! All different colored rectangle tiles paired with […]

luxury, LUXURY, and Obtainable Bathrooms

Private things happen in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fabulous/fun/or luxurious. We’ve all seen the perfect bathrooms with the huge tub and the marble subway tile with the huge artwork hanging below the crystal chandelier, and we can all dream and think “one day”. But let’s be serious, what are the […]

Weekend of Fun and Frolicking

It was a long week, a very very very long week. Hubster was working round the clock and I had Surrounded by Pretty and these two by my side So yesterday we decided we wouldn’t do anything we HAD to, and only did things we WANTED to. This included driving to work for him (where […]

All I Want is a Bar Cart/Tray/Vignette

To have decanters, crystal tumblers, and liquor on display for all to see….is that too much to ask? Again, along with a green velvet couch, this is something I will wait for when we get our hard wood floors. (I’m assuming that after the installation of our floors, the purchasing of multiple rugs, and putting […]

Reupholstering: Stray Thoughts, Expert Advice, and Pretty Pictures

I got this gem of a message the other day: Oddly enough, one day earlier I was exploring a fabric store and was telling my shopping-mate that I dream of finding a really cool old piece of furniture and having it reupholstered. Now, I do not claim to know one SINGLE thing about reupholstering but […]

Networking? More like Netfunning.

I’ve been trying to plug the h-e-double hockey sticks outta this bloggie, I’ve made a facebook page, changed up my Instagram, started a new twitter ( @SBPrettyBlog ) , but the best part of it all is finding new blogs and seeing how these dolls write, getting a little inspiration, and when I’m feeling drowsy […]

Lazy Bones: 1 Month Post!!!

I decided to let my hair down and have a girls night in with my bestest and failed to harness my creative juices to come up with a post. Ahh oh well right? WRONG! I wouldn’t have cared any other day…. BUT IT’S MY ONE MONTH SURROUNDED BY PRETTY “ANNIVERSARY”!!!! That’s right people, one whole […]