Weekend (shopping) Travels

I am a shopaholic. There, I said it. I also have two moms (mom and mom-in-law) who are also shopaholics. It’s terrible amazing. My mom is where it all started, her shopping trips are few and far between, but when she goes, she goes hard, if I were to give it a title I’d say a binge shopper. I would like to attribute my impeccable style to my mom and years of catholic school uniforms (wardrobe is quality not quantity, and when you get to dress down you make it count). Then my mother-in-law. Oh oh oh momma in law, while my mom started this shopping monster, my mother-in-law cultivates it. Whenever I show her something I like online she encourages the purchase EVERY SINGLE TIME, it’s terrible amazing. But my MIL specializes in shopping for the home, a newer vice for me, but a vice just the same. We discuss ways to trick our husbands (her son and my father-in-law) into thinking our home purchases will benefit everyone and the price can’t be beat.
So the point of this: I am going shopping with my mother in law today. Where? Here’s a few hints:


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Ok, so because I morally had to source everything, you see it’s ikea. Now, I’ve always gone to ikea for office stuff and shelving, but dayyyummmmm they be manufacturing some chic shtuff. There’s also some wiiiiiild rumors for some more sessi to come in 2014. Here we go, getting lost in a maze of home goodness. I’ll letcha know how it goes and hopefully have some pics of the goodies in their new home.

xoxo Stephanie


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