Style Those Surfaces, People

A quick way to change a room is to style surfaces. By surface I mean end table, coffee table, console, basically anything with a… you know… surface. Honestly, this is my specialty, this is where I shine. As I’ve made very clear in a previous post, the living room is the heart of our home. […]


Spoiler: I went for it, and it paid off. So I bought this $20 table from Ikea And it sat in my entry And while it added to the entry it still didn’t feel complete. I thought it needed some styling (which it does) but it hit me when I posted about my favorite furniture, […]

Gold Spray Paint Epiphany

I love spray paint. I love gold. In turn, I must love gold spray paint. I had an epiphany last night, after including this little number in my furniture addictions: That my table (other than the awesome branches) isn’t too far off: Can I spray paint the bottom of it gold? I was thinking about […]

Manic Media

If any of you have seen my father’s movie/music closet you probably thought, “wow, that’s friggin awesome!” or “wow, this guy must really like music/movies”. I bet none of you thought, “this is going to inspire his daughter and create a freak of nature who becomes obsessive with movies and she is going to marry […]

Filling in the blanks

Ugh, so I thought I lived in this fabulous home, filled with fabulous things. I was sooooo excited to start taking pictures and share them and then I realized GOOD LORD THERE IS A CORNER WITH NOTHING IN IT!!!! or HOLY MACKEREL THAT END TABLE IS SO BLAH!!!! I would have never noticed this otherwise. […]