On a DIY Roll: Pop of Color

I am taking DIYs by storm. All this talk about not being a DIYer is proving me to be a liar. This one also involves spray paint, it’s kind of my thing. I went into blogging dreaming of J.Crew and Elle Decor to be knock on my door, but in all actuality if anyone was […]

Coupla Kids at the Sussex County Fair

Hub and I have been together for 5 years, every year the Sussex County Fair was open we’d threaten to go, but never made it….until this year. It was just as I remembered it. Some strange fair-goers, but more fried foods than any human should consume, the smell of diesel and horse manure, and taxidermy […]

Mastah Needs a Makeovah

It’s been two years, only TWO YEARS since we’ve been frolicking in our home. After we moved in I pretty much finished decorating and pulling it together only a few months. I didn’t “savor” the design process, I kinda wish I did. That being said, I still love every room in our home, except one […]

Put em up… put em up….

Snappies on the wall that is! I love homes that have personal photos on the walls. Doesn’t matter if they’re professional pictures, candid, color or black and white, I just like em. More importantly is how they are arranged, I feel like THAT is the real art. I have a two gallery walls goin’ on […]