CheapOH Makeover: Exterior Entrance

A little while back I posted this pic: I got some flack for the hideousness of the light. It’s true. It’s hid (as in hideous). It’s the same as all of the bootleg lanterns as every other colonial style house on our street. COME ON! For someone who claims to have such awesome taste and […]

On a DIY Roll: Pop of Color

I am taking DIYs by storm. All this talk about not being a DIYer is proving me to be a liar. This one also involves spray paint, it’s kind of my thing. I went into blogging dreaming of J.Crew and Elle Decor to be knock on my door, but in all actuality if anyone was […]


Spoiler: I went for it, and it paid off. So I bought this $20 table from Ikea And it sat in my entry And while it added to the entry it still didn’t feel complete. I thought it needed some styling (which it does) but it hit me when I posted about my favorite furniture, […]

Gold Spray Paint Epiphany

I love spray paint. I love gold. In turn, I must love gold spray paint. I had an epiphany last night, after including this little number in my furniture addictions: That my table (other than the awesome branches) isn’t too far off: Can I spray paint the bottom of it gold? I was thinking about […]

Hi, My Name is Stephanie and I’m Addicted to Furniture.

The more ridiculous the better. I just love it all. I used to think that a room should be designed around crazy, kooky pieces of furniture. I think I was wrong. Ok prints maybe (mayyyybe, depends on the print), but other than that, no. These bold pieces should fit right in and not be the […]

Filling in the blanks

Ugh, so I thought I lived in this fabulous home, filled with fabulous things. I was sooooo excited to start taking pictures and share them and then I realized GOOD LORD THERE IS A CORNER WITH NOTHING IN IT!!!! or HOLY MACKEREL THAT END TABLE IS SO BLAH!!!! I would have never noticed this otherwise. […]

First Impressions

So along with the bed thing, I wanted needed a house with an entry/foyer/lobby. I’ve always loved a furnished entry, there’s just something about walking into a well thought out entrance that makes me feel all cozy inside. Kinda like these: Other than the “to die for” wallpaper or crazy green carpet, these looks aren’t […]