Pinch me! I’m dreaming: Anotha Mastah Makeovah

Yesterday I got a facebook comment that made my day week life. A fabulous lady I went to school with a few years back sent me this:


Dead. I died. This lovely gal recently got married and moved into a house herself. Her house is fab and every time she posts pics I creep around and take a look see at her digs, I love. So I asked her ever so nicely to send me a picture of her room and I’d put a lil sumthin’ together for her. It was a good thing I didn’t charge my projected rate of $5000/hr because it took me longer than I’d like to admit to create this board. After some bizarre texts, demands, and a horrifying first draft I sat back, relaxed, texted conversed with a colleague (aka my dear lady friend who has a differing, yet complimentary eye) and I did some finagling, some adding and got what I wish was my bedroom.

Before: It’s a great space. The room is ginormous, the windows are perfectly symmetrical, that bed is magnifique, and vaulted ceilings, whaaaaaa!?!?! (She also told me she has some rarr night stands on the way – – which I added in the board)


She sent me this as her inspiration (so I had a lil eye candy to work off of):

Model Master after this

Behold: MY FIRST EVER MOOD BOARD THAT ISN’T MINE AND WITH REAL PRODUCTS (not the imaginary ones that pinterest has plenty of however, us real world people cannot find)


The prints are upcycled using dictionary pages. I have a few of these in my house, and they’re adorbies. Bunched together with chic gold frames makes them a statement piece (IMO).

She informed me of some other plans she has for furnishings and light fixtures, but this was my first real mock up and I don’t want to post all of her goodies up here (whoa whoa whoa it’s not that kind of blog). I also found some other fun stuff for her to put up on her walls, being that’s what she was really looking for. I would just like to say AGAIN how flattered I am, and how excited I was when I got that message. I spent more time on this than I did my entire summer online class (oops), and I forgot to eat lunch. I love lunch, I never miss lunch.

Also, it was interesting putting something together for someone that 1) doesn’t have the same last name as me or 2) I’m so close to that I already know what they want. There was some personal doubt for sure but, IT WAS SO FUN!

xoxo Stephanie

oh! PS: Some people have been asking me how often I’m going to post. Let’s just say I’m going to try to do everyday (maybe a bit lighter on weekends). It’s A LOT more time consuming than I thought (which is totally fine by me), but I’m scared that at some point I’m going to be fresh out of ideas. That being said, if any of you have any ideas or questions, I’d love to make a post about it!


6 thoughts on “Pinch me! I’m dreaming: Anotha Mastah Makeovah

  1. Thank you so much for doing this!!! I know it took so much time, and it really helped me visualize the room with the added pieces. Sometimes it’s difficult to “see” it all together without actually seeing it. I love your design & can’t wait to get creative with my room! Xoxo

  2. Don’t you think Restoration Hardware should just show up at every new homeowner’s door and furnish at least one room in their house, only seems fair! Love what you came up with! Like that you added some color with the curtains and the prints!

    • I do. I wanted this so badly, but hub forbade it, then I found Crate & Barrel and want to live my life in their catalogs. I love how I found kick ass curtains in a matter of hours for this room, yet I’ve been in my house for 2 years and (other than blinds) have naked windows. I’m going to peruse RH curtains a little more, maybe get ourselves some softness in this dwelling.

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