Filling in the blanks

Ugh, so I thought I lived in this fabulous home, filled with fabulous things. I was sooooo excited to start taking pictures and share them and then I realized GOOD LORD THERE IS A CORNER WITH NOTHING IN IT!!!! or HOLY MACKEREL THAT END TABLE IS SO BLAH!!!! I would have never noticed this otherwise. But, because I am such a people pleaser I filled in those blanks and zooshed up those blahs for you, and only you!!! (thanks for giving me an excuse) While I would have loved to fill it with expensive items, I morally could not. We have amazing furniture and there just comes a limit, PLUS I like to change things out a lot so buying inexpensive accessories allows for a guilt free switch up (whether it be seasonal or just when your fav color changes) – – there’s some free advice for you.

I digress (naturally), so as I already shared I frolicked amongst the maze that is Ikea and this happened:


Don’t mind if I do!


oopsie daisy

I prolonged the unpacking and situating process on purpose. I wanted to get excited and make it look fun and fresh for surrounded by pretty. It did’t take much effort, honestly. Every single thing I bought fit perfectly. It adds just a little extra spice, fills in those blanks, and oohs the blahs. BEHOLD!

The only thing I purchased in 1. was the (((gulp))) artificial plant. It was just tooooo cute, I needed it. I got it. So there it is and SHUT IT. In 2. and 5. I already had all of the pillows except for the “Stockholm” (I am currently going back and forth between the itty pops of color and chevron print or the rarr tiger print). Oh and I basically elbowed little kids in the head for that throw blanket (only to find 5875 more strewn throughout the store). 3 was in yesterdays post, and yes that table was only $20, I am also changing the styling up a bit and some goodies are in the works. 4, yes, despite my whining a few days ago I went for it and am attempting a plant. Lastly, sigh, 6. So gorgeous. I love them oh so much, and I want more.

Ok so now that I’ve talked nonstop about ikea for 4 days now I’ll shut my pie hole and find more pretty stuff in cheap-o stores to share with you, because I guess now that I’m blogging I have to spill my secrets.


8 thoughts on “Filling in the blanks

  1. You just crack me up!! Thanks for introducing me to the world of chevron since I’d only heard of the gas. Oops I may be showing my age with that one!


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  2. I have to buy pillows for my bedroom at school soon…I cant wait…I LOVE PILLOWS! I wish I had enough money to get them from Furbish Studios<3

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