My life used to be so easy when it came to planning and decorating for parties. White platters (a must), coupla well thought out balloons, streamers, voila! Not anymore. Pinterest makes it nearly impossible to have a party without having to spend $200 on oversized balloons or intense DIYs that will never ever look like the intended.

I seriously have an ENTIRE pinterest board dedicated to kickass party ideas that will probably never, ever come to fruition. But let me say this, I never, ever, ever pin anything unobtainable, ridiculous, or insane. Because why. Why would I do that to myself? I will never ever have a house over the ocean with a loft underneath stairs that has glass walls and a hammock under the sea. But I will pin awesome tassel backdrops. I’m a very serious pinner. I do not mess around. Which MAKES IT EVEN MORE ANNOYING!!! I could totally do these things but I don’t because 1) I have next to zero patience and 2) I tried my hand at like 3 DIYs when I was getting married and no. Just no. ((((RANT OVER))))

That being said, how can one use pinterest for decor ideas they’ll ACTUALLY use:

1) Pick a scheme, be a rockstar cba594bbd3ce59101c72f28fb45db9bcPick a theme or a scheme. Something easy peezy lemon squeezy. Like right here, black and white. So easy to find/google search black and white striped stuff. As is ombre, turquoise, white, gold glitter. Sometimes you even hit the jackpot and Target has everything all set up for you. That way your lil shin-dig will look pulled together and well thought out without having to break the bank!

2) Balloons for daysac47715c4cff490fbf1c0e0d1fd8d856

Balloons (when done properly) make such a fun impact. Lookie here, I’ve been obsessed with this idea forevers and have been trying to think of a way to sneak it in my life. Looks like you could get some fishing line, tie it up to a golfer’s tee and WHAMMO! I need this to happen. Like now.

3) Munchkins are for winners0eba5f96b350dd3a88584b7419c97da3Well this is just nothing short of genius. Styrofoam cone, toothpicks, cake stand, 54 pack of munchkins, and you’re the hostess with the mostess. Maybe I’ll just do this for hub and myself to pick from this weekend.

4) Creative place cards. So hot right now. Creative place cards. e4ac42ea7b4bf3bdf5c4ef087cc1c77eI’m a little embarrassed I’ve never thought of this before. Balloons. On chairs. With a name tag. Come on.

5) Boas if you’re fancy


Backdrops are what really make these fictional pinterest parties special. There’s a focal point (which is, and should be, behind the dessert table). Even if those glitter letters weren’t there this would be a show stopper. Boas are PERFECT. They take up a lot of space, provide a lot of texture, and are easy to get your hands on. I mean, I had at least 6 when I was wee one.

5) You didn’t think I wouldn’t post a nearly impossible DIY did you?7aa7c325990a57b493d80e12affb2ff6Waaaaah I just love it though! I guess it is possible, but ugh, yeah not likely. If I was at a party with those things I’d hide until everyone left and steal one. In theory it’s not that difficult, but lordy lord my perfectionist tendencies would come out in full force. There would be a lot of screaming and zero joy behind them. All for what? So one guest could be like “ooooh so cute Steph!” IG it #pinterestwin. But it makes the setting and it’s a win for sure.

Honestly though, are you the kind of person that says “wow, I wish I was at that party”, “$#*% why didn’t I think of that”, “thank god pinterest wasn’t around when I was getting married” (that’s me),  “my parties are so lame, why don’t I have 874 prep hours?”, or yell “WASTE OF TIME” at your computer screen?

xoxo Stephanie

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Interior Style with Dr. Jekyll

I feel like my ENTIRE life I have been traditional. I’m a J.Crew/Gap kinda gal. Although, everyone once in awhile this other side of me comes out and I want to be rockstar/fierce/badass which usually translates to rockstar/fierce/badass in J.Crew/Gap. This is how I feel I am with interiors. My home is uber traditional. Straight lines, not much clutter, everything centered, and geometric patterns. But then I get lost on Pinterest and another side of me wants to come out. It’s a “mixing patterns, paint walls white, and jumble mismatched furniture” side, the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll. I have a vision, and I’ve tried to “go crazy” in rooms, but it ends up looking like the same ol’ traditional room with an Orange Desk, but I ain’t mad at it.

That being said, a part of me wants to walk into a home like this:

a174d26808a5dd9ab9c3d74a6e250f13//  source  //

But this will never be me, and as much as I’d love to be this cool and fun and free, I’m not. (Although I’d work free for 18 months for that Eames Lounge – I’m doing it for a license now, why not?) BUT I’m not too worried. Why, you ask? Well for one its only interiors, it’s not that serious, but also because WAHOOOO the A CUP OF JO sourced all the goodies and uhhhh THOSE KICK ASS CHANDIES ARE FROM WEST ELM!!!

f744e872f00f9174ce9bc5172f2b38bc// source  //

Totes doable!!!! (I already tilted the laptop to hubs line of vision, he didn’t bite). Those beauts would do wonders for my “traditional” living room/dining room (great room if you’re fancy, which is what you are). Because I have snuck some animal print in some throw pillows so this GREAT room is ready for some more sass.

Ok, get to the point Steph. WHAT I’M SAYING is don’t be scurred. If you find a fab room on pinterest do your digging. Find the original image and I betcha they give clues. Maybe not as great as a link to a retail store, but great key words. (Or, you could send it to me to put together an awesome “Get the Pretty” for you by emailing That way you can plug in what draws you in the most into your existing style which is the best style of all. It’s like a killer dress, you’re already awesome but that dress that your husband is mad you’re about to by is going to make you FEEL awesome. In other words, your interior style already works for you, but that awesome chandelier that your husband is mad you’re about to buy is going to make you FEEL awesome when you look at it.

xoxo Stephanie

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So what’s been going since my last post (before last)? A whole lotta hibernating, a quick jaunt to the Sunshine State Golden State, and a lotta recipe trying. (yes, there was a typo here, it was partially a reference to Dumb and Dumber and partially a typo I couldn’t change due to stringent firewall protection – I apologize to any Sunshine/Golden State inhabitants this offended, please accept my apologies).

I already complained about the weather, some of you may have heard the Garden State was a part of the Polar Vortex. Horrible, just horrible. The snow never stopped, ever. This enabled me to do a lot of marathoning. Not the running kind, the Netflix kind. Watched House of Cards Season 2, started and caught up with House of Lies, and Scandal. Needless to say I’ve picked up a few addictions. There was also some SERIOUS downtime for some intense home manicures.

Polar Vortex and Home Manicures on

Due to a need for escape (both mentally and physically) hubs and I flew our booties out to California where our dear-dear friends live. You know those kind of friends that you feel are super close to you but then when you want to hang out you realize they’re 3000 miles away? Yeah, that’s them. We picked up right where we left off and it was glorious. Unfortunately it was that one weekend it rained in LA and it was anything but the Sunshine State. Didn’t matter though, we had a blast.

Surrounded by Pretty in the Sunshine State

I also scored some sassy along the way (two steals and a splurge)…..

two steals and a splurge on surroundedbypretty.comsplurge: miu miu  //  steal: zara  //  steal (on sale):  lucky brand

There was one thing, two, well one worth mentioning anyway that I felt belonged in my life. One was a dress that deserves to be added into wedding dress season but this…. yes this…. it belongs in my perfect home. I’m not sure if I picture it in front of a glossy white vanity or just one in every room:
Gold sequin throne spotted in LA on

Yes, this chair exists, no I do not own it. (Waiting patiently for it to be an appropriate time on the West Coast to harass my friend about where we were). Maybe I should have a fundraiser for myself to have this chair? (kidding!) – – all I remember was there was a comma and a lotta zeros on the price tag and I think hub was pacing outside looking for somewhere to get meat.

As far as recipes go, I’ve found that just because its “health conscious” it doesn’t need to be tasteless or unsubstantial. Making things spicy is my first tip and adding extra veggies is my second. And of course… the dreaded portion control.

For breakfast these are a winner: broccoli and cheese mini egg omelets  (skinny taste)

SkinnyTaste broccoli cheese omelets
And for dinner, wow, I texted everyone about this: pasta with asparagus (skinny taste)

Skinny Taste pasta with asparagus
An alternative to the regular sloppy joes, that is, DELISH: turkey sloppy joes (the novice chef)- a new staple meal

The Novice Chef turkey sloppy joes
I don’t know how “healthy” this was but WOWWW: crock pot Korean beef tacos (slender kitchen)

Slender Kitchen Korean beef tacos

But if you’re feeling naughty……. reese’s pieces soft peanut butter cookies (averie cooks)

reese's pieces soft peanut butter cookies

Anyone find any health conscious yummers recently?

xoxo Stephanie

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Wellllll wellllll wellllll and a Backyard Emergency

Wellllll welllll wellllll, look who’s finally decided to blog again…..


Yes, that’s right. HERE I AMMMMMM!!!! Wowieeee wowwww (let me be like every other whiney baby from the northeast and say) that winter suhhcckkkedddd. It’s a fabulous 60 something degrees today and I couldn’t help but think:

When will I be sitting on my deck sipping on ____________ ? 
a) Pinot Grigio
b) Margarita
c) Sangria
d) All of the above 

The answer is d.

But then I remembered our backyard is basically a war zone (ok not that bad), but it’s not an oasis. I feel like we always have big plans but then winter comes and we spend all our monies on going out, getaways, etc. because we can’t flippin’ stand it around here. But then comes summer and we complain about our gross yard situation. Also, as you may remember from my incessant complaining, I am an unpaid intern and that doesn’t really align with a backyard redo. This year, however, I will not ignore the backyard situation and will be doing something about it. These plans include repairing the deck, ripping down the railings, uprooting horrifying hedges, and dolling it up. I decided to start my quest for a quaint DIY backyard at the best place in the universe: Pinterest. Here’s what I’ve got going on…..

1) Oversized Planters: Since we’ll be tearing down the railings I’d like something give a little height to our low deck, and I think planters would be just the solution. I like the idea of simple black (which I’m sure they have something similar to in the almighty Target) OR I could raise some hell with another black and white striped DIY, on a larger scale.

oversized planters to help add height to a low deck on
1   //   2

2) String Lights: I like to sit outside with some frands, sip on some spirits, and be able to see each other’s faces. For some reason our outdoor area has no lights!!! It’s craziness, I mean come on an adult couple sold us this house, they should’ve been responsible enough to supply some light fixtures outside for the clueless 20-somethings that bought it from them. Unfortunately they were incredibly selfish and did not. Spending money on electrical is boring and I don’t wanna, so I have been campaigning for these for years.

outdoor string light inspiration on surroundedbypretty.comsource

We do not live amongst villas so I was thinking of putting some poles in those ginormous planters kinda like this, but with more lights: 5f7750a9dae98c9b51545d24ec70a807
When I first suggested this, ohhh, THREE YEARS AGO, hub laughhhhhed and laughhhed until he saw how kickass it looked in our friends’ AMAZING backyard (in California)

string lights and California Dreaming on

See em up there! Cuties right!?!?!

3) Oversized Pavers: Ok, I have been yearning for a fire pit for quite some time (exhibit A) but we can’t put one on the deck and on the grass looks meh unless it’s one of those fancy stone ones. So I’ve suggested 6987 times that we put tiny stones or pavers down and THIS just looks diiivineeee

oversized pavers are a quick fix for a fire pit locale on


When that’s all done I’ll be trying this recipe and instagramming the HELL out of it all.

I’ll keep you posted and maybe even be daring enough and post some before and afters. If anyone has any pointers I’d looooove hear hear some. I will however, try to keep up with blogging because uhhhh…. this was kinda sorta fun 🙂

xoxo Stephanie

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Happy New Year! Happy Birthday! Happy Lady! And some staples…

Last time I’m going to say it, 2013 was horrible. It was happy in many ways (trips, my relationship with the hubster really shining, great clothes, um SURROUNDED BY PRETTY) but there was a lot of it that really weighed heavy on me. Enough, enough, enough negatives, all positives for 2014 and 29. Yeah. Twenty Nine. Twenty FREAKIN Nine. Today is my birthday WHOOP WHOOP. I really dislike having my birthday right after Christmas and New Years with all the icky weather without the excitement of snuggling up with family, but it’s kind of like super Resolution Time. I didn’t make a REAL resolution this year, I had a sort of realization a few months ago and am sticking with my new lifestyle. My life is just that, my life. Well, my husband’s too and it’s officially time to live for me and create boundaries, you know, the good kind. The “stop-feeling-so-guilty-for-every-single-little-thing” kind. So that was my “resolution”, however I should’ve added back to blogging because it makes me happy. To my point, while I usually despise this time of year for my birthday, it allows me to redo my resolutions.

That’s out of the way, good. HOW WAS EVERYONE’S CHRISTMAS!?!?!?! NEW YEARS!?!?!

Mine was fab. Hub really knocked it out of the park and NAILED it. I’ve been trying to stop buying the “omg thats so fun” type of clothes and focus on maturing my closet to look fab while running errands as well as going to a wedding. Staples, focus on staples. Great jeans, pants, flats, tops, different textures, materials. Focus on it. It’s a lot more fun to roll out of bed and get dressed for the grocery store this way.

Let’s focus on staples. If you know me, or read this blog, then you know, I am not a regular ol’ wear whatever I have kinda gal. No, everything is very well thought out and everything I buy, I LOVE. If I don’t love it, I don’t buy it. I tweeted this the other day, and I friggin meant it: All women need to purchase Gap Black Legging Jeans. You are formally getting fashion advice from a girl who thought it was perfectly normal to buy $275 jeans. No. I can’t anymore. I’m an intern, I have a mortgage, but I’m not dead. I want to look great and these do the trick. Here’s a pointer, get a size SMALLER than you normally are because these suckers stretch.

Gap Legging Jeans a surrounded by pretty stapleGap Black Legging Jeans

I also specified in my tweet that I’m only sharing this advice because I have multiple pairs, well here’s another secret I wasn’t willing to share until I secured 3 pairs (not kidding), Vince Camuto Seamed Back Leggings. They’re AMAZING. They don’t fade, they’re sturdy (not that sketchy cotton that you can see through after 4 washes), and they make me feel pulled together, despite only wearing leggings.

Hands down BEST leggings on surrounded by prettyVince Camuto Seamed Back Leggings

Next, you need a top. Something that’s casual, relaxed, but with a bit of an edge. Sweatshirts are so in right now and they have such great styles. I picked up this Splendid Faux Leather number. I have it in black but this navy is pretty fun. I find faux leather sleeves or torso areas kind of fold and ripple, the shoulders are a simple accent.

Sweatshirt with an edge on surrounded by prettySplendid Faux Leather

Fun alternatives in case you’re not into being twinsies:

sequin shoulders  //  tie dye (ugh now I want this)  // leather trim  //  leather trim pullover

Last but CERTAINLY not least, kicks. It’s allllll about the kicks. I’ve been rocking the H-E-double hockey sticks out of combat boots lately. I love loafers and flats more than any normal person should, but lets face it, freezing rain/snow/sleet, not a good look. Combat boots are kinda feisty, kinda “let’s kick this weather’s ass” and well…. you get it. I scored my self a Kenneth Cole pair last year for $35. Yes $35. I know. Amazing, I can’t find them anymore, but a very trusty lady friend told me about her’s and how much she loves them, Steve Madden Troopa Women’s Combat Boots.

Combat boots as a staple during this icky weather on surrounded by pretty.Steve Madden Troopa Women’s Combat Boots

Any winter staples (or summer for you lucky blogger friends who are BBQing for Christmas), that you recommend? Something that makes you feel all sortsa sassy strolling down the CVS aisles? Running to the dry cleaner? SPILL!

xoxo Stephanie

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Netfunning: Christmas Style

The fabulous Kristy of House of Evans approached messaged me a little while back to discuss Christmas on her blog. Kristy is from Australia and we kind of became buddy ol’ pals via the internets. Head on over, take a gander, and fall in love with her blog like I have!

A Very Blogger Christmas: Surrounded by Pretty

Last class is today……HELP ME THROUGH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo Stephanie

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….


With finals, presentations, reports, credit card company screw ups I’ve been letting the holidays escape me. Hub and I declared this weekend to be dedicated ONLY to Christmas. I firmly believed that seeing the decorations FORCES the spirit, and I was right. I am in that SPIRIT!!!! While I do have oneee last pesky case study to (that I put off until the night before of course) I wanted to share some Christmas cheer.

First things first: If you’re going to cut down a Christmas tree you need to look the part. Festive, not too festive. Rustic, not too rustic. But it was cold, so let’s be serious.
Cutting down Christmas Trees in style, obviouslySweater // Hat (Gap, similar) // Scarf (Gap, available in stores) // Boots (Sperry for J.Crew, last year, similar)

We walked around for TWO HOURS looking for a tree. We both have pretty high expectations, and our Christmas Tree is not excused from that. There was something wrong with every single one in the acres we looked at, but right when we were going to settle we followed another young couple who lead us to an oasis of Douglas Firs. At that moment we were so thrilled we didn’t settle.

…..and hub did his man thang.
hub doing his man thing and cutting down the christmas tree

….but not before a tree selfie!!!! Christmas tree selfie
We continued with our tradition and got some delicious lunch at the Mohawk House, which I would highly recommend if you’re ever in the area (great beer options, wine, and food… obviously).
Mohawk House restaurant a Christmas tradition on

We got home and wasted no time….. DECORATION STATION. Popped on Pandora’s Christmas play list and caroled the night away….. NOT. Well we started off that way… until we needed another string of lights….and then hooks….and then a strand of lights partially went out…. and then one plug didn’t fit into any of the other light strands….tensions were high, and we started taking it out on Michael Bublé. But we survived, and it was worth it.

Christmas Decorations a plenty on

Since I boast about being surrounded by pretty (and I just found out about work having a delayed opening tomorrow) I’ll let you in on some of my Christmas decor secrets: NOTHING HERE IS EXPENSIVE (well except for the tree – because it makes more sense to pay almost double everyone else when chopping it down and dragging it down a hill on your own). Everything is either Target, Homegoods, Bed Bath & Beyond (gasp! yes, the garland and outdoor wreaths), a few of the ornaments are all fancy like from ABC home, and Lord & Taylor. Hub and I had zilch our first Christmas, so I (brilliantly I might add) decided to go with a metallic, red, gold, and green theme. No matter where you go decorations are those colors so it’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for. Not only that, but when friends and family are darling enough to give ornaments or christmas decorations, it’ll fit right in with the theme! Not all early homeowner decisions were wise, but this one was.

You may notice there’s no topper. Our first year I waited WEEKS for a vintage inspired topper. It came, it rocked, and then it broke…. in the garage… in the middle of the summer. So I’m on the hunt for a topper (suggestions welcomed – and wanted).

This was fun. I missed this. School has been ruling the roost so after this semester I plan on posting a-plenty. I’ve been horrible, I’ve had some ladies ask me for some inspo and I completely disappeared, so there will be bathroom and front porch inspo coming your way. Also, gift giving, a delicious (and easy) dessert recipe, and some crossblogging/netfunning.

xoxo Stephanie


Jason the beagle all tangled up in Christmas lights on

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Werqin’ on mah Fitness

A few weeks back I filled you in on my new adventure/challenge. I needed to shred some lbs. This time was different though. We’ve all done it, the crash diet, the quick way, eating lettuce for 4 days straight and thinking, “oh I can totally do this forever, and I’ll be 100 lbs and feel awesome”, but after day 4 you want to drive to Hershey, PA and eat Hershey Park. So, like I said, this time was different.

1. I signed up for a gym. A real gym, one with classes and trainers. (I go to spin 3x a week and see a trainer.)
2. I got hubbo on board (great to have someone to brag about lbs lost and willing to try new recipes with)
3. I researched. Recipes, protein shakes, times to eat, etc. etc.
4. I stepped on the scale. Breathed in deep. Looked down. Passed out.
5. I started to log what I ate in the “Lose It” app. (It helps with stopping and thinking before grazing in the pantry.)

It’s been a month and I lost 10 lbs. That 10 lbs. includes Halloween (kit-kats) and an icky situation (more kit-kat consumption). My goal was to lose 10 lbs. by Thanksgiving and by golly, I did it! I figured I’d share my knowledge and post the SUCCESSFUL recipes (successful = calorie conscious and enjoyed by the both of us). – – – Each of these recipes are from, a new favorite. She provides nutritional info and easy to follow recipes. An added plus, they’re great for weeknights!!!!

Kale & Potato Soup with Turkey Sausage
I used spicy turkey sausage and added more red pepper flakes than called for. I’ve realized healthy doesn’t have to mean bland, and I love me some spice… so SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! kale-and-potato-soup-with-turkey-sausage

Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu skinny-chicken-cordon-bleu

Skinny Low-Yolk Egg Salad
I have a real issue with lunch. I get really tired of salads and turkey wraps get pretty old after awhile. The good thing about these meals is that there are usually leftovers for lunch, but if I need a switch up, this is my new go to. guiltless-skinny-egg-salad

Any of you have some health conscious yet delicioso recipes or blogs to share? I’d greatly appreciate it!


xoxo Stephanie

Get the Pretty: A Cozy Bedroom

I received an SOS yesterday, a bedroom SOS. Bedrooms are tough. When you’re a girl you want it to be fluffy, cozy, fun prints, ladylike…. you get it, but when a man gets involved you need to remember he needs to sleep there too and waking up with sequin imprints on his face is not fabulous. HOWEVER we must also not let it be too dude. Let’s be serious, there comes a time that we mature and no longer want to wake up in a boy’s dorm room (KIDDING). There needs to be a balance and that balance is CRISP, FRESH, CLEAN. Unless one or the other doesn’t mind, you both need to be happy and crisp, fresh, and clean are always chic.

Back to my SOS. The current state of the bedroom is, and I quote, a “man cave”, “the walls are so bare…it’s small…wooden dressers are shoved in the corner”. I needed some inspo, so I headed on over to my trusty Pinterest boards and found magic.


I love it. I think it fits this young (opposing tasted) couple perfectly. It’s airy and it’s clean, I bet it smells like Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels. Since, just like me (and everyone else) they have bills without millions I decided too…….. GET THE PRETTY Y’ALL

Get the pretty on

Balancing between masculine and feminine in the bedroom on

1. Celestial Blueprint: I love this print, they’re not “nautical” people and this is just way more fun anyway. The gold frame (I suggest buying it in poster form and heading on over to Michael’s to get it framed) adds some glam that we can incorporate throughout the room

2. Navy Striped Bedding: FRIGGIN TARGET!!! 30 DOLLARS!!! Get some fresh white linens and maybe a textured white knit throw and call it a day.

3 and 4. Shimmer Bullseye and Fuzzy: You can take the girl out of the room but not the room out of the girl, ok that makes no sense but glam can be safely added in the throw pillow. Throw one of these suckers on with simple pillows and it’s just the right amount of roar.

5. Camel: Alright, alright, if you want to be boring snoring and play it safe here’s a pretty cheap camel pillow. Get 2…. then add something fun… no but this is a great look, I love camel and navy.

6. YAAASSSSSS GOLD GOURD LAMPPSS!!!!!: a thousand times over, yes yes yes yes. These are PERFECTO! A little bit of class and some zhushing up. See what I did there, manly, stripes, lady, gold.

How about it? I have to get in their dwelling to help visualize the furniture situation, but I think with the gold and the wood it’ll be a nice mix. Might have to get creative with the setup but that’s the fun part!

xoxo Stephanie

I Need You, I REALLY Need You!!!!

Let’s just start this off by saying weekend (and shopping) does a body (and mind) good. I had a whole sob story introductory paragraph written out that would’ve really been a downer for Monday morning read, so let me try this again in a more upbeat manner.

A few weeks ago I said to hub, “I’ve been neglecting the blog, I feel bad even looking at it in my favorites.” He responded, “Well, maybe you don’t need it anymore”. That stuck. I didn’t like it, because LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, when I’m blue I blog hunt. I love getting lost in the pretty (hence the name), and I wanted to make one of my very own, a blog that someone like me that may get caught up in too much can unwind and just look at pretty. So there. Honestly, who scrolls through Facebook and thumb flicks Instagram and thinks “WOW! THIS IS MAKING ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!” ? No one. That’s who. So Blogs for President!!!!

I got some goodies necessities this weekend. First, fresh bedding (oooooooooh baaabyyyy), a spankie new winter coat, fresh new work out kicks (down 9 lbs)… and the doggies were bathed (which is always a plus).

Stephanie's Happy Stuff on includes Biscuit Bedding, Cozy winter coat and some ass kicking kicks

As you can see I’m really into black, so you could only imagine how getting the dogs groomed helped that situation.

Enough blabbing, in light of finding my happy place I decided to gather my imaginary happy rooms.

A fab chair to feel all sortsa boss on……
Stunner midcentury leather chair, stone fireplace as a happy place on

….and fierce on.
Mixing patterns and textures, and delivering some major roar with a leopard chair makes for a happy place on

Bright walls and big windows….
Bright white, neutrals, big windows make for a happy place on
….and a whole tonna pillows to snuggle up in.
Cool grays, textures, and pillows galore make for a happy place on

Last but not least, luxurious marble with a big ol’ window to gaze out of.
Florals, big ol windows, and of course, marble make fore a happy place on

(all images can be spotted and sourced on my Pinterest Page)

xoxo Stephanie