Get the Pretty: A Cozy Bedroom

I received an SOS yesterday, a bedroom SOS. Bedrooms are tough. When you’re a girl you want it to be fluffy, cozy, fun prints, ladylike…. you get it, but when a man gets involved you need to remember he needs to sleep there too and waking up with sequin imprints on his face is not […]

Pops of Green(ery)

Disclaimer: I do not know plants very well (at all really). Just like my “design style” I know what I like, it’s how things look. If it’s aesthetically pleasing to me, then I assume it works. Just a few weeks ago I shared my ignorance of houseplants, since then I have been really paying attention […]

Wallpaper Desires

I want to wallpaper our house. Ok no, I just want to wallpaper the bathrooms and laundry room, just the teeny rooms, I promise. I was at a loss for what to blog about today and hub told me to blog about how awesome he is, then I remembered how awesome he was until he […]

Hi, My Name is Stephanie and I’m Addicted to Furniture.

The more ridiculous the better. I just love it all. I used to think that a room should be designed around crazy, kooky pieces of furniture. I think I was wrong. Ok prints maybe (mayyyybe, depends on the print), but other than that, no. These bold pieces should fit right in and not be the […]

Masculinity with a Side of Whimsy

UPDATE: I just created a Surrounded by Pretty facebook page go on over and “like” it. Published posts can be shared via facebook! So yesterday’s post about my LA lady got me digging through the pins, and through all the fabulous rooms that made me wish my house was grand or that I was going […]