It’s Aliiiiiiive!

I read somewhere once when styling a room (or just having a room that feels complete – – I can’t remember), there should always be one living thing present (flowers, plant, pet, people). I unknowingly love that rule. In my opinion no room is complete without flowers! Now, having flowers in every room of your house is a bit much. Also, I love a good plant but I’ve never ventured down that road before (if anyone has been to my parent’s house it’s a bonafide rain forest, and what my mom needs to do to keep those plants alive……). I don’t know what plant to buy, where to put it, how big, how small, etc etc…. but flowers, I know. Well, see, I don’t know. I just know what I like. What I like would cost me over $150 a week at the florist (I’ve tried this, it didn’t take), so I had to find another way around it. GROCERY STORE FLOWERS (((shiver))) I know, I was surprised too. Well, either grocery store or produce market, but those markets are here are REALLY hit or miss. (Hit: peonies, white roses, those pom pom thingies, Miss: neon artificially colored flowers. Why oh why oh why do those exist?) Ok so, you either hit it big or you fail miserably. Right? Wrong. When you don’t see something jump out at you that means you need to be creative. Look for that weird vegetation thing, or berries, or things with spikes and mix that with something beautiful and soft. I tend to lean away from mixing flowers with flowers because there usually isn’t gorgeous flowers to mix, remember, we’re being practical here. Actually yesterday I knew I wanted to write up this post and I furiously texted my friend because 2 grocery stores and the  produce market thought selling neon and glitter flowers was ok. Its not. The point of flowers is to look pretty, soft, and natural. Not slap in your face with hot orange water in the vase. So I put together a little tutorial for you on how I make my GROCERY STORE arrangements (follow me on instagram!):



ImageIs it your typical arrangement? No-siree-bobbo, but isn’t that what it’s all about? Be unique, look for the weird stuff because it makes your “something living” interesting. You may not like this arrangement, that’s totes ok, but make one that YOU find interesting. 

And now, of course, some floral inspiration (follow me on pinterest!):


I would just like to put you all at ease, I am planning on trying my hand photoshop. I hope these amateur collages aren’t deterring you too much, better quality is on the way. Again, thanks for the support. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am.

xoxo Stephanie

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4 thoughts on “It’s Aliiiiiiive!

  1. Here’s a tip!… Once you guys start gardening, pick plants and flowers you would want in your home. This way, eventually, you’ll have freshly picked flowers in your home for most of the year!… It also saves a TON money!

    • You’re totally right, I’d love to. Next spring I swear this time I’ll start a garden!!!!!! Plus I’d feel so fancy going into my own garden.

      • Haha, I feel like Ina Garten when I pick flowers and herbs from my garden… Very sofisticated and very “green”

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