Stray thoughts on a rainy Sunday

I kind of secretly love the fact it’s raining today, allows for some guilt free inside lay down time after a very happy Saturday. About yesterday’s post Ikea was a ton of fun and I’m loving how I was able to go in and allow myself to look at some fun home accessories to spruce up some empty corners of the house. If we’re being honest here , while I partially went to Ikea because I’ve been noticing how fun some of their new products are, I mainly went because I’ve been considering putting up pictures of my home but I felt like there were empty corners and little nakey areas that needed to be addressed. (I’ll post specifics this week and make a neat-O collage or something.) So yeah this:

IMG_1603Annnnywhoos it was a pretty social weekend and we got to see some friendly faces and sip on cocktails with some fab company. When I write these entries I get a handful of compliments via Facebook, or even on here, and I adore them oh, so much. BUT when I got to hear these compliments in person! WELL! It made me so happy that people really do read this and really get a feel of who I am through my grammatically incorrect “creative” writing style.

Now, as I suffer from heartburn from my supremely spicy sandwich and hear hub make sarcastic comments after EVERYTHING this annoying couple is saying on HGTV I share something that is being considered: Image


….and this just happened:


Happy rainy Sunday,

xoxo Stephanie


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