Mastah Needs a Makeovah

It’s been two years, only TWO YEARS since we’ve been frolicking in our home. After we moved in I pretty much finished decorating and pulling it together only a few months. I didn’t “savor” the design process, I kinda wish I did. That being said, I still love every room in our home, except one (despite my ever-changing taste)…… Our master bedroom. The master started off with a bed, honest to goodness we (I) chose a home with a big enough master for this guy:


I mean right? Then when it came time to register for my bridal shower I searched high and low for bedding that wasn’t too girly, too generic, fancy but still masculine, then I found this right here:


It wasn’t “typical”, and I needed it. So FF to when we move in and paint. I was in luuuhhve with my handbag (no seriously, well it’s Gucci, does that make it better?) it was the color I loved. So I Benjamin Moore color matched it and got “Warm Brownie“. I HAD TO GO WITH IT. We painted, pulled the room together, and I tried I really did, but it’s just drab. I love the bed, the bedding, the wall color, but it doesn’t work. I’ve scoured onekingslane, crate & barrel, home goods, pottery barn, etc. etc. etc. to spruce things up, and nothing was catching my eye. I just didn’t feel inspired by the space. We ended up getting some small quatrefoil mirrors (too small IMO), a cute dog print that looks like G, and a bench from Pier 1, none of it helped. It’s just, meh. It’s dark and, meh.


Introducing…. Jason and Gigi

See? I want my master to be super fun and spunky, and fun and spunky it is not. I want to wake up and feel ALIVE! So I looked over my 3000 pins and found some inspiration, I’ve been really into minimalistic meets eclectic meets southwestern (as you can see):


I tossed, I turned, I kept my mouth shut for too long and finally, it came out. “Mike??? (as I snuggle closer and put on that sweet girl voice), can we redo our room?” To my surprise he didn’t laugh or ignore me. IN FACT he said, “sure”. Just in case he was talking in his sleep or suffering from temporary insanity I put together a mood board so he’d feel too bad to say no. And now, I’ll share it with you!

We already have the furniture the print above the bed, and I’m flirting with the idea of keeping the lamps we already have. For the walls I’m thinking an off white, and getting all typsa crazy with the throw pillows. Thoughts?

xoxo Stephanie

PS: I hope to post an “after” in the near future


7 thoughts on “Mastah Needs a Makeovah

  1. Your ultimate décor board meets all the expectations you described that you desire! Are those curtains bearing rows of fringe? Cool. What I personally love is that all that you selected accent your first love, “the bed”, (oh, and Mike, of course)! What’s fun about your love of black and white is the flexibility it allows. How fun it has to be when you suddenly want a dash of tangerine one month or wish to switch to turquoise, etc. So, I look forward to seeing the progress/outcome!

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