I Need You, I REALLY Need You!!!!

Let’s just start this off by saying weekend (and shopping) does a body (and mind) good. I had a whole sob story introductory paragraph written out that would’ve really been a downer for Monday morning read, so let me try this again in a more upbeat manner. A few weeks ago I said to hub, […]

Feelin’ Fresh n Bitchin’ Kitchens

Muchhhhh better. Perhaps you noticed I took a little break, a hiatus some may say. When I started Surrounded by Pretty I planned on posting once a day. I wanted every day’s post to be filled with photos, funnies, and lotsa pretty. I felt like I was providing that, but I was becoming OBSESSED with […]

Lazy Bones on a Monday

I’ve been lazy bones, apologies all around. For the first time in a year and a half I am able to breeeaatthhheee. I have 2 weeks off until I get back to school and a few days after that I start interning. Today I celebrated by waking up at 7:30 and laying in bed until […]

Finding inspiration…. in storage….

So I wake up casually on Sunday morning, I think everything is fine. It’s the first day we don’t have “plans” (we are not “plan” people but I feel like we’re always doing something). We take the hounds for a morning stroll and hub asked, “is there anything you want to do today?” And a […]

Masculinity with a Side of Whimsy

UPDATE: I just created a Surrounded by Pretty facebook page go on over and “like” it. Published posts can be shared via facebook! So yesterday’s post about my LA lady got me digging through the pins, and through all the fabulous rooms that made me wish my house was grand or that I was going […]

Stray thoughts on a rainy Sunday

I kind of secretly love the fact it’s raining today, allows for some guilt free inside lay down time after a very happy Saturday. About yesterday’s post Ikea was a ton of fun and I’m loving how I was able to go in and allow myself to look at some fun home accessories to spruce […]