Werqin’ on mah Fitness

A few weeks back I filled you in on my new adventure/challenge. I needed to shred some lbs. This time was different though. We’ve all done it, the crash diet, the quick way, eating lettuce for 4 days straight and thinking, “oh I can totally do this forever, and I’ll be 100 lbs and feel […]

Life Change and Rearrange (healthy cooking)

To say this has been a stressful year (October 2012-October 2013) would be an understatement. To keep privacy private, trust me you’d agree. On the lighter side of the stress, school was crazinesss, work (was) hella draining, and the stuff I used to love doing, fell to the wayside: like cooking, up-keeping the house, and […]

Lake Placid is the Cat’s Meow

Strip me of my Leibster! I am the worst blogger ever!!!!! Ok no, I’m not, but life has finally caught up. Long gone are the days of me sitting around with nothing to do but obsess over Surrounded By Pretty. Fortunately, I am one happy lady. Love love loving interning, school isn’t nearly as stressful, […]

LIEBSTER? I barely even know her!!!!

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by The Nenja! I’m an avid blog meanderer and I’ve been seeing this award nomination and I was kinnnnda sorrrtaaaa like “waaaah why not meeee??” And VOILA! I got one! It’s funny, I write this blog, stalk my views (much less than I used to), but I […]

YUMMMMOOOOOHHHH Chili-Crusted Chicken Noodles

I’ve never posted anything about cooking or baking, I do it frequently. In fact, I cook dinner every night (other than fridays and saturdays). I love to cook, I love to bake, but I don’t post recipes because 1) They’re not mine and I feel awkward and 2) My photography is laughable and would probably […]

Frolicking about the Farmers Market

I love farmers markets. I never get to them though. Hub and I have been talking about getting to the Denville Farmers Market for weeks now, and finally we had a Sunday to do it. First things first, we can’t do ANYTHING in the a.m. without a little caffeine in our systems: We try to […]

Coupla Kids at the Sussex County Fair

Hub and I have been together for 5 years, every year the Sussex County Fair was open we’d threaten to go, but never made it….until this year. It was just as I remembered it. Some strange fair-goers, but more fried foods than any human should consume, the smell of diesel and horse manure, and taxidermy […]