Put em up… put em up….

Snappies on the wall that is! I love homes that have personal photos on the walls. Doesn’t matter if they’re professional pictures, candid, color or black and white, I just like em. More importantly is how they are arranged, I feel like THAT is the real art. I have a two gallery walls goin’ on in our home, one is a hodge podge and the other is more formal, with black and whites of our wedding day.

First, the hodge podge: when I was living with my parents I had a teeny tiny room and it was pretty blah, it needed something. I started collecting white frames from everywhere and anywhere and would print photos off my computer and hang them up, it was a cute, mini gallery wall. When we moved into our house I knew I had to take that mini gallery wall and make it a giant.

The frames are from all over, Target, Marshall’s, little boutiques, even Hawaii. The fun part about most of these frames are that they are from our wedding. See, we used gold frames and had them EVERYWHERE! Table numbers, seating arrangements, guest book table, birdcage table, but when that was over we had countless gold frames with nonsense numbers and bizarro sayings just sitting in our closet… until…. it hit me… SPRAYYYPAINTTTTT! I spray painted those suckers white and created a quirky, odd, and giant gallery wall. Image

Next up, the more formal of the two. This wall was a pinspiration. We had this wall; it was a blank, sad, empty wall. It’s the same wall our TV is on so we’re always staring at it, which made it even more depressing. I searched high and low for some crazy pop art, but I just don’t get art, I want to, but I do not. Then……I saw this photo on pinterest:

And while my dining room is not nearly that formal nor luxurious, I spotted something I could do without much difficulty. I dragged hub to a craft store, found blah white frames with cheapo mattes (they were probably $3 each), printed up the ah-may-zing photos from our wedding (thanks to be creative photography) in black and white and, voila! All kidding aside, everyone who sees it stares at it and it spurs up a conversation. Easy peezy lemon squeezy!


My real goal is to have an awesome gallery wall like one of these puppies:

But… until then, my mug will have to do.

By the by, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO’S COMING TO VISIT! My visits went up from zip to over 200! Share the pretty, thanks a mill!

xoxo Stephanie


10 thoughts on “Put em up… put em up….

  1. Stephanie! First, so glad you are blogging! I hope you can tolerate all my comments because that’s what I do lol. LOVE your photo walls, they look fantastic! Let me know if you need any content ideas. I could use help decorating!!

    • Yes! I’m always up for ideas (always, like I’ve been doing this forever). I thought I’d have a ton stored away in my brain, but alas, I do not. Yes! Comment away, I like it. If you know anyone who would be interested in this stuff pass the blog along, the more commenters the more encouraged I get. Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! you rock!!! your beyond talented!!!!! I have such fears in decorating a house but ur def easing my fear…. keep up the excellent work xoxoxoxo

  3. WOW I love your collection of white frames. They all look so good together – way to keep it interesting and fun!! Stunning work!

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