Tile With Style

I’m a big fat hypocrite. Just two stinkin days ago I was just blabbing ONLY WHITE TILES IN THE BATHROOM. Well, I still stand by that rant, but, BUT, if you CAN get some kickass tiles it can be timelessly awesome instead of dated and drab. Lookie here! All different colored rectangle tiles paired with […]

luxury, LUXURY, and Obtainable Bathrooms

Private things happen in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fabulous/fun/or luxurious. We’ve all seen the perfect bathrooms with the huge tub and the marble subway tile with the huge artwork hanging below the crystal chandelier, and we can all dream and think “one day”. But let’s be serious, what are the […]

Wallpaper Desires

I want to wallpaper our house. Ok no, I just want to wallpaper the bathrooms and laundry room, just the teeny rooms, I promise. I was at a loss for what to blog about today and hub told me to blog about how awesome he is, then I remembered how awesome he was until he […]