First Impressions

So along with the bed thing, I wanted needed a house with an entry/foyer/lobby. I’ve always loved a furnished entry, there’s just something about walking into a well thought out entrance that makes me feel all cozy inside. Kinda like these:


Other than the “to die for” wallpaper or crazy green carpet, these looks aren’t too difficult to accomplish. You just need to wait for the right “thing” to jump out at you (I mean, your entry IS the first impression of your home). So anyways, we did end up finding a house that has an entryway, it’s small, but it’s there. Unfortunately nothing was “jumping out” at me and it was the most ignored space in our house (shame on me). But, one day when we steamed our carpets (wish list: hand carved tobacco road hardwood floors) and moved furniture into the entry. It was a vision, the icing on the cake. It was what I needed to focus on. A few months prior to my vision I put in this lil number:


But it wasn’t enough. Now we needed a rug….this was just what the doctor ordered.


STILL not enough, I needed a table. I have been looking in every home store to find a lil something that isn’t too intrusive, too big, too small, too short, too tall, but most importantly, not too ‘spensive. I’d love to plop a fab $700 occasional table in the entryway, but let’s be honest here, it ain’t happening. So thanks to Saturday’s Ikea jaunt we may have found ourselves a little friend:


So so so????? Thoughts? Do we like the table? Is it the right size? Does it get lost with the white behind it? Am I the most indecisive person ever? Do I need to start a fundraiser for floors and a $700 occasional table????

xoxo Stephanie


4 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I think the table is airy and clean looking. As far as height? It appears to be a good height for placing keys, sunglasses and other objects you have on hand the moment you arrive home, so it works for logistical reasons too. Do you/Mike trip on the legs? If not, it works well for that spot. Since I cannot see from the angle where you are coming into your home whereby the camera shot is taken from the table looking into the white-walled living room, I cannot tell if it’s too white on white. I would suspect not since there’s quite a distance from it and the opposite wall. I do love the shape of it and as far as the flooring, I believe the carpet and the hardwood flooring gives your home a fun, youth-filled and upbeat statement. I believe your entrance says a fun and chic couple live here, come in and enjoy!
    (Aren’t you sorry you asked? Sorry so wordy!)

    • No this is exactly the wordiness I was looking for, I need to think about all the things I didn’t consider so 1. thanks! clean looking is just what I was going for 2) the height was one of my main concerns, too low wouldn’t make sense to throw stuff on and too high would look silly 3) the legs are about 10 inches away from the door so that worked out (I literally JUST built that sucker and threw it there moments before I took the pics) 4) I was worried that because I didn’t measure the table was going to end up covering the white, but I think I narrowly escaped that. 5) thanks again!

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