Get the Pretty: A Cozy Bedroom

I received an SOS yesterday, a bedroom SOS. Bedrooms are tough. When you’re a girl you want it to be fluffy, cozy, fun prints, ladylike…. you get it, but when a man gets involved you need to remember he needs to sleep there too and waking up with sequin imprints on his face is not […]

My Heart is in the Living Room

Isn’t the saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home? Well, I couldn’t disagree more. Maybe that’s just because I’m bitter and have a tiny kitchen that has zero marble and less than stellar cabinetry. I think the living room/den is the heart of the home! My arguments include the following: Couches > […]

Wallpaper Desires

I want to wallpaper our house. Ok no, I just want to wallpaper the bathrooms and laundry room, just the teeny rooms, I promise. I was at a loss for what to blog about today and hub told me to blog about how awesome he is, then I remembered how awesome he was until he […]

Join Me on a Magic Carpet Ride

Another fab lady messaged me about some interior guidance. This one’s a fun one… she informed me that she just bought a couch, has chocolate window panels and wants a rug that will help add color to the room. I had a BLAST! I love adding color to a room. It’s even more fun when […]