Hi, My Name is Stephanie and I’m Addicted to Furniture.

The more ridiculous the better. I just love it all. I used to think that a room should be designed around crazy, kooky pieces of furniture. I think I was wrong. Ok prints maybe (mayyyybe, depends on the print), but other than that, no. These bold pieces should fit right in and not be the star. I don’t know why I feel this way, I just do. And that is my professional opinion.

I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to my “Furniture Addiction” and I pulled these images from there. Some of them have been in there for a year, some for a few days, and one is actually in my living room. Image

1. Jonathan Adler “Butterfield Sofa”: It’s kind of midcentury, kind of classic, and completely timeless. The navy is my first choice by a long shot.

2. Ikea “Stockholm”: LOOK IT’S IKEA AGAIN!!! I swear swear swear swear when hardwood floors get put in our home THIS COUCH is going in our movie room. Not even pretending to consider any color other than the green. That’s that.

3. Barclay Butera “Bowery Settee”: Ugh OKL of course (I say “ugh” because OKL sells this amazing stuff for 3 days, and then it’s gone forever. I mean, who can just be like “Hey! I have room for a red couch right now!”) I really love the red. I picture it sitting on a cowhide on a dark wood herringbone floor. kiss kiss kiss kiss

4. Emily Henderson “Tribal Print Midcentury Daybed”: Well isn’t this just the funnest? I wan’t this in our office/guest room. We have teal walls, an orange desk, and it would be a great compliment to the crazy that’s already happening.

5. Furbish Studio “Furry Stool”: This needs to be in my house. No questions asked. I need it in my…. I don’t know, just somewhere. It could go in any room and instantly make it more fun than it already is.

6. Kelly Wearstler “Malibu Chair”: This is what is in my living room. This $3600 chair… and nothing else. No it’s not. But I quote myself from the pin caption, “This could make any room glamorous”. According to pinterest I pinned this one year ago, and I STILL stand by that comment. That must mean I have to buy it. HAAAA!!!!!! (Her book, HUE, is currently serving time on my amazon wish list.)

7. Gold Branch Table: This was originally from Joss & Main. I saw it on OKL once, but I never pulled the trigger. SHAME SHAME SHAME on me. This was the original table I wanted in my entryway. I’m still keeping by eyeballs peeled.

8. Restoration Hardware “Mayfair Steamer Coffee Trunk – Brushed Steel”: I originally wanted this as our coffee table and hubster was like “hellllzzz to the nawww”. He did not want this beaut in our living room, and you know what? He never has a strong opinion, so I continued the coffee table search (far longer than I wanted to).

9. Furbish Studio “Greek Key Coffee Table”: I’ve admired this from afar for quite some time. It’s spunky, and that’s what I like about it. I actually cannot picture what kind of room I’d want it in, but it might be one of those pieces that you don’t LOOK FOR and then you’re like “HAY A NAVY BLUE LACQUER TABLE WOULD BE PERFECT RIGHT HERE!”

10. William Sonoma Secretary Desk: It’s since been removed from their site, but when I was trying to put together our office I was obsessed with secretary desks, unfortunately then there weren’t any awesome knockoffs and they were all over $1500. So we went with something else (good idea for a future post……)

11. Crate & Barrel “Clairemont”: wowie, wow, look at that beauty. Ok, fine, I felt the same way as you when I saw it online, “meh”, but in person…hooooolyyyyyy. It’s approximate 684,000 lbs, smoke mirrored bottom and glass top. It provides airy spaciousness and class to a room (those were my technical terms). This lady sits in my living room, and she’s perfection. (I’m planning on doing a living room post soon, I was just way, WAY too lazy today) Here’s a better picture:

ImageIf you’re wondering, no, that is not my living room.

So yes, each of those pieces are completely and utterly fabulous. You may think they’re nutso, but you know what? Throw them in a regular room and I bet they fit right in. Ok, the green couch you can’t get around, it’s a green couch. But you’re not going to decorate a whole room around it! These are just my stray opinions that I’ve developed over time and you may disagree but, well, not everyone is going to want a green couch or a furry chair.

So you like? Do you think you could pull off a gold branch table? Sure ya can. (sassy finger snap)

xoxo Stephanie

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