CheapOH Makeover: Exterior Entrance

A little while back I posted this pic:

DIY striped planters, mums, front door on #falldecor #autumn

I got some flack for the hideousness of the light. It’s true. It’s hid (as in hideous). It’s the same as all of the bootleg lanterns as every other colonial style house on our street. COME ON! For someone who claims to have such awesome taste and style that I feel the need to blog about it, who do I think I am to have such a wretched exterior entrance. How dare me.


I also posted this a few weeks ago:

door accessories

My front door is plum (hence the background color), but everything there is pricey. Too pricey on an intern’s budget. So we went to Lowes because we had to made such an exciting purchase (garage door – – – – – zzzzzz) and I took it upon myself to wander into the exterior lighting aisle. I walked there and LITERALLY said to myself “biggest light, lowest price” (bigger the better I say). Our original lantern was so teeny, it got lost.

I got this gal:

Black Outdoor Wall Lantern used for a exterior entrance makeover for under $100 on surroundedbypretty.comONLY 49 BUCKS!!!!!

She ain’t fancy, but she gets the job done. It’s black (which is a different direction than the brass I originally wanted). It’s a very “Pottery Barn” type look, and I like it (compared to $219, I’ll take it!). It’s almost double the size of the original excuse for an exterior light. 

Our Mailbox was DIS-GUH-STING. DISGUSTING. Since I went for the black light, I obviously had to change everything else to black. Which was fine. As I said, I had zero game plan going into this. While hub-stat was ordering the garage door (zzzzzzzz) I wandered and just let it flow. Lowes didn’t have a simple black mailbox that didn’t require a key so I ended up getting this one at Home Depot (it looks like a scary lock box, it’s not, you’ll see). And sticking with the black accessories, I obviously had to get black numbers (sassy right?)

It worked out well that labor was free:

IMG_4849(we had the hounds to direct and make sure they didn’t slack)

Exterior entry makeover under $100 on
big entry

Exterior entrance makeover for under $100 on

(now I just really have to add some pumpkins… and perhaps not take this photo on my way to work so I can remove those pesky leaves)

So…. better? (Let’s look beyond the bootleg iPhone pics) It doesn’t look worse, it cleans it up, and it was all under $100! Last year we painted the door (it was an ick forest green), so including the plum paint it was only around $120!

xoxo Stephanie


4 thoughts on “CheapOH Makeover: Exterior Entrance

  1. It looks so welcoming!!!! I need to stain/paint my front door, and am so torn on what color. So many great shades to choose from! This post inspired me to rethink my exterior lighting as well. Need a bigger lantern.

    • We wanted an entirely new front door, had it all measured out and were about to order, but we had to do a lot of boring expensive stuff (like rip up trees, fix the fence, garage, etc) so we ended up just painting it in the meantime. It was a tough choice, bc I wanted some crazy colors haha. And yes – lanterns – the bigger the better.

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