Spoiler: I went for it, and it paid off.

So I bought this $20 table from Ikea


And it sat in my entry


And while it added to the entry it still didn’t feel complete. I thought it needed some styling (which it does) but it hit me when I posted about my favorite furniture, one of the tables I originally wanted in the entry but couldn’t find somewhat resembled the $20 Ikea table:

both tables

Is the $200 more fab? Of course, but when it was available on Joss and Main and then on One Kings Lane, I just wasn’t ready to buy it.

Then I realized what it was missing (other than the branch detail), GOLD!!!!! GOLD SPRAY PAINT!!!!!! So after dilly dallying for 3 days I finally went for it. I’m going to be honest. I am THE WORST DIYer. I rush, I take short cuts, and I never set up properly. I assumed I was going to miss spots, the paint was going to bubble, a bug was going to fly in it and get stuck, or my fingerprints would be all over it. I just kept telling myself “it’s only $20, it’s only $20, it’s only $20” and not like I don’t value $20, it’s just that I knew if I stressed myself out too much I’d destroy it FOR SURE.

So I started, I couldn’t get the legs off to save my life, and I know I didn’t put THAT much strength into putting it together, then I realized I didn’t unscrew the legs making it impossible for them to move. It wasn’t looking good. I strolled outside and I think between the beautiful weather and the terrible music my odd neighbor was lifting weights to in his driveway (yes), my luck was starting to change for the better.


I chose the spray paint off of many pinterest recommendations, and boyyy were they right. I’ve tried others before and I think that was why I was so gun shy. This went on smooth, the nozzle was easy to work with, and it dried almost immediately.

Unlike the OLD Stephanie, this time I waited, for a very long time. I double and then triple checked to make sure I wasn’t missing any spots. When I was done painting that I didn’t want to be done, I considered the following:


I knew it would all be over the top and that by the time hub got home it would look like a RHONJ broke in. So I refrained, pulled out YET ANOTHER picture frame from our wedding and spray painted that, stuck with what I knew. I have another fun idea I want to do to style the table, but I used what we already had around the house to get a feel:


FABOOSH RIGHT!?!?! I am wayyyyy more pleased than I thought I was going to be. Look at it! I mean you can do ANY color. Think of a pale pink, or a mint, or NAVYYYY!!! This table is a blank canvas begging to be painted on.

Now a little side by side:

before after


Love, love, love. Gimme something else to spray paint.

xoxo Stephanie


16 thoughts on “A DIY SUCCESS Story!

  1. Love it Steph! Hoping the spray paint fumes lofted over to your weightlifting neighbor! Not to apply pressure, but I look forward to tips from you regarding floral arranging/vase selection/floral placement in home, etc. You are a natural in that area as well and would love your tips. I bring this up because I would’ve never had the guts to cut the cala lilies the way you did and they, too, look spectacular!


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    • Thank you! I was so scared and repeated over and over to myself, only $20 only $20 only $20 only $20. After I realized how easy it was I imagined all of the crazy/fun stuff I COULD’VE done.

  6. That looks so luxe! I am a mid-century mod fan, so I was thinking one of these painted a bright yellow or mint green would be really cool. What kind of spray paint did you use?

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