Get the Pretty: A Formal Introduction

Apologies, Monday’s post was a sort of epiphany. I was putting together a haphazard post that blabbed about how much I loved black, white, and green. But here’s the thing, I’ve written more papers than you could even imagine. I have to research, support, summarize, and put in my own two cents and not fall […]

Keepin’ it Chic: Halloween Edition

I love me some Halloween, hub does not. I used to throw a cray cray Halloween Party every year but, and I don’t know if you know much about New Jersey’s Halloween track record, but it’s not too good. Our first year in our home we were going to to a Halloween/Housewarming. But it snowed. […]

Wallpaper Desires

I want to wallpaper our house. Ok no, I just want to wallpaper the bathrooms and laundry room, just the teeny rooms, I promise. I was at a loss for what to blog about today and hub told me to blog about how awesome he is, then I remembered how awesome he was until he […]