My life used to be so easy when it came to planning and decorating for parties. White platters (a must), coupla well thought out balloons, streamers, voila! Not anymore. Pinterest makes it nearly impossible to have a party without having to spend $200 on oversized balloons or intense DIYs that will never ever look like the intended.

I seriously have an ENTIRE pinterest board dedicated to kickass party ideas that will probably never, ever come to fruition. But let me say this, I never, ever, ever pin anything unobtainable, ridiculous, or insane. Because why. Why would I do that to myself? I will never ever have a house over the ocean with a loft underneath stairs that has glass walls and a hammock under the sea. But I will pin awesome tassel backdrops. I’m a very serious pinner. I do not mess around. Which MAKES IT EVEN MORE ANNOYING!!! I could totally do these things but I don’t because 1) I have next to zero patience and 2) I tried my hand at like 3 DIYs when I was getting married and no. Just no. ((((RANT OVER))))

That being said, how can one use pinterest for decor ideas they’ll ACTUALLY use:

1) Pick a scheme, be a rockstar cba594bbd3ce59101c72f28fb45db9bcPick a theme or a scheme. Something easy peezy lemon squeezy. Like right here, black and white. So easy to find/google search black and white striped stuff. As is ombre, turquoise, white, gold glitter. Sometimes you even hit the jackpot and Target has everything all set up for you. That way your lil shin-dig will look pulled together and well thought out without having to break the bank!

2) Balloons for daysac47715c4cff490fbf1c0e0d1fd8d856

Balloons (when done properly) make such a fun impact. Lookie here, I’ve been obsessed with this idea forevers and have been trying to think of a way to sneak it in my life. Looks like you could get some fishing line, tie it up to a golfer’s tee and WHAMMO! I need this to happen. Like now.

3) Munchkins are for winners0eba5f96b350dd3a88584b7419c97da3Well this is just nothing short of genius. Styrofoam cone, toothpicks, cake stand, 54 pack of munchkins, and you’re the hostess with the mostess. Maybe I’ll just do this for hub and myself to pick from this weekend.

4) Creative place cards. So hot right now. Creative place cards. e4ac42ea7b4bf3bdf5c4ef087cc1c77eI’m a little embarrassed I’ve never thought of this before. Balloons. On chairs. With a name tag. Come on.

5) Boas if you’re fancy


Backdrops are what really make these fictional pinterest parties special. There’s a focal point (which is, and should be, behind the dessert table). Even if those glitter letters weren’t there this would be a show stopper. Boas are PERFECT. They take up a lot of space, provide a lot of texture, and are easy to get your hands on. I mean, I had at least 6 when I was wee one.

5) You didn’t think I wouldn’t post a nearly impossible DIY did you?7aa7c325990a57b493d80e12affb2ff6Waaaaah I just love it though! I guess it is possible, but ugh, yeah not likely. If I was at a party with those things I’d hide until everyone left and steal one. In theory it’s not that difficult, but lordy lord my perfectionist tendencies would come out in full force. There would be a lot of screaming and zero joy behind them. All for what? So one guest could be like “ooooh so cute Steph!” IG it #pinterestwin. But it makes the setting and it’s a win for sure.

Honestly though, are you the kind of person that says “wow, I wish I was at that party”, “$#*% why didn’t I think of that”, “thank god pinterest wasn’t around when I was getting married” (that’s me),  “my parties are so lame, why don’t I have 874 prep hours?”, or yell “WASTE OF TIME” at your computer screen?

xoxo Stephanie

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4 thoughts on “Parrtttaayyyy

  1. LOVED the party ideas! Pinterest is so much fun and combined with your counsel is a win-win situation! Looking forward to trying some of yours and Pins at any of our upcoming gigs.

  2. I love this post! I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest too, especially when it comes to party ideas! I’ll get in this frenzy where I buy up Hobby Lobby’s supply of cardstock and tissue paper, and it just winds up hanging out in my closet.


  3. hahaha! i get it. i just started a board for party ideas for my 40th (18months away). i thought i was getting organised too early, but i’m seriously going to need the time to collect enough doilies to wrap around my tree in the garden. LOL

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