Interior Style with Dr. Jekyll

I feel like my ENTIRE life I have been traditional. I’m a J.Crew/Gap kinda gal. Although, everyone once in awhile this other side of me comes out and I want to be rockstar/fierce/badass which usually translates to rockstar/fierce/badass in J.Crew/Gap. This is how I feel I am with interiors. My home is uber traditional. Straight lines, not much clutter, everything centered, and geometric patterns. But then I get lost on Pinterest and another side of me wants to come out. It’s a “mixing patterns, paint walls white, and jumble mismatched furniture” side, the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll. I have a vision, and I’ve tried to “go crazy” in rooms, but it ends up looking like the same ol’ traditional room with an Orange Desk, but I ain’t mad at it.

That being said, a part of me wants to walk into a home like this:

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But this will never be me, and as much as I’d love to be this cool and fun and free, I’m not. (Although I’d work free for 18 months for that Eames Lounge – I’m doing it for a license now, why not?) BUT I’m not too worried. Why, you ask? Well for one its only interiors, it’s not that serious, but also because WAHOOOO the A CUP OF JO sourced all the goodies and uhhhh THOSE KICK ASS CHANDIES ARE FROM WEST ELM!!!

f744e872f00f9174ce9bc5172f2b38bc// source  //

Totes doable!!!! (I already tilted the laptop to hubs line of vision, he didn’t bite). Those beauts would do wonders for my “traditional” living room/dining room (great room if you’re fancy, which is what you are). Because I have snuck some animal print in some throw pillows so this GREAT room is ready for some more sass.

Ok, get to the point Steph. WHAT I’M SAYING is don’t be scurred. If you find a fab room on pinterest do your digging. Find the original image and I betcha they give clues. Maybe not as great as a link to a retail store, but great key words. (Or, you could send it to me to put together an awesome “Get the Pretty” for you by emailing That way you can plug in what draws you in the most into your existing style which is the best style of all. It’s like a killer dress, you’re already awesome but that dress that your husband is mad you’re about to by is going to make you FEEL awesome. In other words, your interior style already works for you, but that awesome chandelier that your husband is mad you’re about to buy is going to make you FEEL awesome when you look at it.

xoxo Stephanie

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