Wellllll wellllll wellllll and a Backyard Emergency

Wellllll welllll wellllll, look who’s finally decided to blog again…..


Yes, that’s right. HERE I AMMMMMM!!!! Wowieeee wowwww (let me be like every other whiney baby from the northeast and say) that winter suhhcckkkedddd. It’s a fabulous 60 something degrees today and I couldn’t help but think:

When will I be sitting on my deck sipping on ____________ ? 
a) Pinot Grigio
b) Margarita
c) Sangria
d) All of the above 

The answer is d.

But then I remembered our backyard is basically a war zone (ok not that bad), but it’s not an oasis. I feel like we always have big plans but then winter comes and we spend all our monies on going out, getaways, etc. because we can’t flippin’ stand it around here. But then comes summer and we complain about our gross yard situation. Also, as you may remember from my incessant complaining, I am an unpaid intern and that doesn’t really align with a backyard redo. This year, however, I will not ignore the backyard situation and will be doing something about it. These plans include repairing the deck, ripping down the railings, uprooting horrifying hedges, and dolling it up. I decided to start my quest for a quaint DIY backyard at the best place in the universe: Pinterest. Here’s what I’ve got going on…..

1) Oversized Planters: Since we’ll be tearing down the railings I’d like something give a little height to our low deck, and I think planters would be just the solution. I like the idea of simple black (which I’m sure they have something similar to in the almighty Target) OR I could raise some hell with another black and white striped DIY, on a larger scale.

oversized planters to help add height to a low deck on surroundedbypretty.com
1   //   2

2) String Lights: I like to sit outside with some frands, sip on some spirits, and be able to see each other’s faces. For some reason our outdoor area has no lights!!! It’s craziness, I mean come on an adult couple sold us this house, they should’ve been responsible enough to supply some light fixtures outside for the clueless 20-somethings that bought it from them. Unfortunately they were incredibly selfish and did not. Spending money on electrical is boring and I don’t wanna, so I have been campaigning for these for years.

outdoor string light inspiration on surroundedbypretty.comsource

We do not live amongst villas so I was thinking of putting some poles in those ginormous planters kinda like this, but with more lights: 5f7750a9dae98c9b51545d24ec70a807
When I first suggested this, ohhh, THREE YEARS AGO, hub laughhhhhed and laughhhed until he saw how kickass it looked in our friends’ AMAZING backyard (in California)

string lights and California Dreaming on surroundedbypretty.com

See em up there! Cuties right!?!?!

3) Oversized Pavers: Ok, I have been yearning for a fire pit for quite some time (exhibit A) but we can’t put one on the deck and on the grass looks meh unless it’s one of those fancy stone ones. So I’ve suggested 6987 times that we put tiny stones or pavers down and THIS just looks diiivineeee

oversized pavers are a quick fix for a fire pit locale on surroundedbypretty.com


When that’s all done I’ll be trying this recipe and instagramming the HELL out of it all.

I’ll keep you posted and maybe even be daring enough and post some before and afters. If anyone has any pointers I’d looooove hear hear some. I will however, try to keep up with blogging because uhhhh…. this was kinda sorta fun 🙂

xoxo Stephanie

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5 thoughts on “Wellllll wellllll wellllll and a Backyard Emergency


    I, myself, haven’t blogged since January 31, 2014. But each time I visit wordpress.com to see how many visitors I’ve been reeling in per day without posting jack shit (FYI, I’m rounding out about 5 per day), I’m expecting to see a new blog post from the one and only (literally, the only) blog I follow via my WordPress Reader, Surrounded By Pretty! How creepy of me!

    So, I have no backyard tips. But… large cement tiles seem bomb and easy (especially when 4 glasses of pinot grigio deep). And, the larger planters, the better. Black and white stripes, FTW!

    Check out Restoration Hardware for string lights (http://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/category/products.jsp?link=LightStrings&categoryId=cat1696068), especially the Party Globe or Vintage Light (come in 50 foot length!).

    But, as we probably both already know, Target has just gracefully, teasingly, and whore-ishly put out their outdoor stuff and their outdoor string light selection is fabulous too!

    AND, I actually first tried jalapeño margaritas when I was in Texas a few summers back, and they are just like, phenomenal!

    I used a recipe more similar to this: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/jalapeno-margaritas-recipe.html

    The one you posted used the jalapeños as a garnish, but the one I posted actually has the jalapeño in the drink which allows for this like coooool spice jalapeño margarita, I can’t describe it! So good though!

    So happy you’re back!!!

    • I had my first jalapeño margarita last month and I can’t stop thinking about it, I may or may not have 5 recipes I’m going to try when the weather gets better – – and I will be making yours first. a-thank you so much doll (I’ve been stalking your blog too, hoping for some more wittle xoxo).

  2. Oversized pavers plus string lights are both on my must have list for my dream yard! Lol Loving those black and white striped planters!! XO

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