It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….


With finals, presentations, reports, credit card company screw ups I’ve been letting the holidays escape me. Hub and I declared this weekend to be dedicated ONLY to Christmas. I firmly believed that seeing the decorations FORCES the spirit, and I was right. I am in that SPIRIT!!!! While I do have oneee last pesky case study to (that I put off until the night before of course) I wanted to share some Christmas cheer.

First things first: If you’re going to cut down a Christmas tree you need to look the part. Festive, not too festive. Rustic, not too rustic. But it was cold, so let’s be serious.
Cutting down Christmas Trees in style, obviouslySweater // Hat (Gap, similar) // Scarf (Gap, available in stores) // Boots (Sperry for J.Crew, last year, similar)

We walked around for TWO HOURS looking for a tree. We both have pretty high expectations, and our Christmas Tree is not excused from that. There was something wrong with every single one in the acres we looked at, but right when we were going to settle we followed another young couple who lead us to an oasis of Douglas Firs. At that moment we were so thrilled we didn’t settle.

…..and hub did his man thang.
hub doing his man thing and cutting down the christmas tree

….but not before a tree selfie!!!! Christmas tree selfie
We continued with our tradition and got some delicious lunch at the Mohawk House, which I would highly recommend if you’re ever in the area (great beer options, wine, and food… obviously).
Mohawk House restaurant a Christmas tradition on

We got home and wasted no time….. DECORATION STATION. Popped on Pandora’s Christmas play list and caroled the night away….. NOT. Well we started off that way… until we needed another string of lights….and then hooks….and then a strand of lights partially went out…. and then one plug didn’t fit into any of the other light strands….tensions were high, and we started taking it out on Michael Bublé. But we survived, and it was worth it.

Christmas Decorations a plenty on

Since I boast about being surrounded by pretty (and I just found out about work having a delayed opening tomorrow) I’ll let you in on some of my Christmas decor secrets: NOTHING HERE IS EXPENSIVE (well except for the tree – because it makes more sense to pay almost double everyone else when chopping it down and dragging it down a hill on your own). Everything is either Target, Homegoods, Bed Bath & Beyond (gasp! yes, the garland and outdoor wreaths), a few of the ornaments are all fancy like from ABC home, and Lord & Taylor. Hub and I had zilch our first Christmas, so I (brilliantly I might add) decided to go with a metallic, red, gold, and green theme. No matter where you go decorations are those colors so it’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for. Not only that, but when friends and family are darling enough to give ornaments or christmas decorations, it’ll fit right in with the theme! Not all early homeowner decisions were wise, but this one was.

You may notice there’s no topper. Our first year I waited WEEKS for a vintage inspired topper. It came, it rocked, and then it broke…. in the garage… in the middle of the summer. So I’m on the hunt for a topper (suggestions welcomed – and wanted).

This was fun. I missed this. School has been ruling the roost so after this semester I plan on posting a-plenty. I’ve been horrible, I’ve had some ladies ask me for some inspo and I completely disappeared, so there will be bathroom and front porch inspo coming your way. Also, gift giving, a delicious (and easy) dessert recipe, and some crossblogging/netfunning.

xoxo Stephanie


Jason the beagle all tangled up in Christmas lights on

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