Werqin’ on mah Fitness

A few weeks back I filled you in on my new adventure/challenge. I needed to shred some lbs. This time was different though. We’ve all done it, the crash diet, the quick way, eating lettuce for 4 days straight and thinking, “oh I can totally do this forever, and I’ll be 100 lbs and feel awesome”, but after day 4 you want to drive to Hershey, PA and eat Hershey Park. So, like I said, this time was different.

1. I signed up for a gym. A real gym, one with classes and trainers. (I go to spin 3x a week and see a trainer.)
2. I got hubbo on board (great to have someone to brag about lbs lost and willing to try new recipes with)
3. I researched. Recipes, protein shakes, times to eat, etc. etc.
4. I stepped on the scale. Breathed in deep. Looked down. Passed out.
5. I started to log what I ate in the “Lose It” app. (It helps with stopping and thinking before grazing in the pantry.)

It’s been a month and I lost 10 lbs. That 10 lbs. includes Halloween (kit-kats) and an icky situation (more kit-kat consumption). My goal was to lose 10 lbs. by Thanksgiving and by golly, I did it! I figured I’d share my knowledge and post the SUCCESSFUL recipes (successful = calorie conscious and enjoyed by the both of us). – – – Each of these recipes are from skinnytaste.com, a new favorite. She provides nutritional info and easy to follow recipes. An added plus, they’re great for weeknights!!!!

Kale & Potato Soup with Turkey Sausage
I used spicy turkey sausage and added more red pepper flakes than called for. I’ve realized healthy doesn’t have to mean bland, and I love me some spice… so SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! kale-and-potato-soup-with-turkey-sausage

Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu skinny-chicken-cordon-bleu

Skinny Low-Yolk Egg Salad
I have a real issue with lunch. I get really tired of salads and turkey wraps get pretty old after awhile. The good thing about these meals is that there are usually leftovers for lunch, but if I need a switch up, this is my new go to. guiltless-skinny-egg-salad

Any of you have some health conscious yet delicioso recipes or blogs to share? I’d greatly appreciate it!


xoxo Stephanie


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