Drinkin’ the Pretty: Apple Cider Sangria

I’ve said before I feel sheepish about posting recipes of schtuff I make because I feel like it’s stealing, but I guess it’s not if I’m giving credit. hmm…. either way I cannot allow my readers to go on with their lives without sipping this cocktail.

This weekend we had some friends over, and I’m trying not to drink beer, but didn’t want to commit to the hard stuff, and wine is too classy, so I scoured pinterest (follow me!) boards for the perfect fall drink. SPOILER ALERT: I found it

Apple Cider Sangria
original post here

Standard size bottle of Pinot Grigio (I used Barefoot)
2 1/2 cups of Apple Cider
1 cup club soda
1/2 cup of Ginger Brandy (don’t be discouraged by the price, it’s worth it)
3 chopped Honey Crisp Apples
3 chopped pears

Combine all the ingredients, pop her in the fridge for an hour, serve over ice (in a wine glass to keep it classy).

SO SO SO Delish, it is going to be my Thanksgiving contribution (you’re welcome in-laws)

The perfect fall drink: Apple Cider Sangria on surroundedbypretty.com

xoxo Stephanie


6 thoughts on “Drinkin’ the Pretty: Apple Cider Sangria

  1. People share recipes all of the time, so it’s no crime. It’s only a crime when you’ve originally stated that it’s your own original concoction. Thx for sharing your reviews and those recipes. Wishing I could’ve been a fly on the wall when you met Ree Drummond.


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