Happy Halloween! Let’s Talk Haunted Houses.

Ohhhhh I didn’t forget!!!! It’s Halloween!!!!! I posted a creepy/awesome Halloween Party Room a few weeks ago and I thought why not do a Guest/Holiday rendition of GET THE PRETTY!!! For corny theme purposes we’ll call it “Get the Spooky”. And now, with no further ado I introduce (for the third time)…… RHIANNON!!!!!

Hello again! So I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments on my dissection of the Haunted House on rhiannon’s INTERIORS. So for Halloween I’m sharing this with all of you ‘Surrounded By Pretty’ fans out there.

Besides from possible ghosts or disturbing pasts, homes can be pretty scary. There are certain characteristics that many old houses have which cause them to look so frightening. At some point, the Victorian home became the common architectural style for the haunted house. Movies and television have made this style of home terrifying. I mean is this house screaming “DO NOT ENTER!” or what?

Okay, so lets break it down. What is it that we usually find in haunted houses that is so freakin scary?


20130903-144841.jpg (foroactivo)
We all know that everything is scarier when its dark. I still have a hard time walking through my house at night unless I have my phone shining my path and warning possible intruders that I’m coming. So it makes sense that these homes are always so dark and scary.


Seeing that bold wall paper on the walls is usually disconcerting because we know that it’s so very old. Old just means there is a history, and maybe even a dark history. It was actually chosen so long ago that it is usually peeling off of the walls. It’s always some crazy pattern, which again, means only a crazy person is responsible for choosing it.


20130903-144921.jpg (invis)

It’s not just any fireplace, it’s always some incredibly large fireplace with a mantle that is taller than any regular human being.


This is made all the better when it is paired with the over sized fireplace. There always seems to be a much too large portrait of some creepy looking man or woman. Whether it’s a portrait or a mirror, it always has a highly ornate frame to accentuate its contents. This is some of my favorite elements of the haunted house decor.

WOOD, WOOD, and more WOOD


There is a large variety of materials in the usual spook house. However the massive amount of wood on the walls, floors, ceiling, and furniture, is ridiculous. Again, it reinforces its history, and reminds you that it’s been around for a while.

This usually increases the scare factor. It almost doesn’t even matter what the chandelier looks like. As long as it helps to create some amazing shadows on the walls and ceiling.

Aw yes the staircase. This is where the house gives the most suspense. It is nerve wracking watching someone walk down a long staircase, waiting for the boogie man to jump out at them. Throw in some creeks in the old wooden floor boards and you’ve got the perfect combination of scary stuff.


One of my favorites is ‘The Shining’. The hallways scene is always scary. Similar to the stairs, the ridiculously long hallways seem never ending in these old homes.

Check out The Old Haunted House, for examples of homes that are spooky, and have appeared in some great scary films.

Written by Rhiannon Gillis. Rhiannon is a designer based out of Los Angeles and writes for the popular design blog RhiannonsInteriors.com


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