Get the Pretty: A Formal Introduction

Apologies, Monday’s post was a sort of epiphany. I was putting together a haphazard post that blabbed about how much I loved black, white, and green. But here’s the thing, I’ve written more papers than you could even imagine. I have to research, support, summarize, and put in my own two cents and not fall asleep while doing it. It’s lame to the tenth power. On that note, who the h-e-double hockey sticks do I think I am blabbing without supporting. I literally typed out the words “achieving this look is easy when you break it down.” See that there?!? Thats a PERIOD. I WASN’T GOING TO ELABORATE. I read blogs, and I don’t mean to put anyone down because seriously, I love them all, but a blogger once said that all blogs are now just pinterest with words. It’s kinda true. Great. Green, white, black rooms. Good for me. I found a similar color pattern. Meanwhile BEHIND the scenes I’d be googling the morning away looking for all the furniture that could make up that room.


So there it is, and here I am. Sharing that process. I will call it “Get the Pretty” and it’ll come with this awesome lil didly:

Get the pretty on

…and if you take a looksee up top there’s an itty bitty link directly to all of these gems.

What I’m trying to do is make you characters like Pavlov’s dogs and drool whenever you see that. (Psych reference)

Here’s what I’m thinking…. if you want me to put together a “Get the Pretty” for you, send me an email , send me a Pin, tweet, Facebook message, or smoke signal it to me.

Surrounded by Pretty Smoke Signal

I’ll do them periodically frequently, and whenever they’re sent to me. Let’s get to it!

Until then, let’s look at this adorable picture and mourn for the mudroom I dream of, but do not have.

Floral mudroom with red accents

I’m not sure if its the granny in me that loves the florals, the pops of red, or that fab door. Hmmm, shall we?

A "Get the Pretty" for a mud or sun room on

Wallpaper  //  Plant  // DIY POT (but yellow, obvi)  //  Coat Hooks  //  Boots

There’s a whooooole lotta DIY potential with this fun and bright mudroom. First of all we all know the boots steal the show. Second of all, I would prefer a coat rack, however the only yellow one I found was $250. Yeah, ok. Especially if you’re going to get all fancy like with the wallpaper. I say buy a regular ol’ coat rack and SPRAY PAINTTTTT!!!!

Get the Pretty, this is (((insert your name here))). (((Insert your name here))), this is Get the Pretty. You’ll get along just fine. I can feel it.

xoxo Stephanie

Ps: this is a two post day, stay tuned!

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