Black, White, and Green are my Jam: Get the Pretty Part 1

I repeat, black, white, and green are my jam. I love the look. It’s unexpected and it’s fresh. IMO black, white, and red is overdone and harsh. Black, white, and yellow is bumble bee. Black, white, and orange is seasonal. But black, white and green, love. Wanna take a lookie?

Emerald green living room with black, white, and brass accessories, get the look on surroundedbypretty.comsource

YES PLEASE. That pseudo Rorshach (psychology nerd alert) print on the wall gets my wheels turning, the mixture of bold with subtle prints, brass accents, delicious. Would I have the cajones to paint a wall that green? I dunno, but with the sharpness of all the other room elements, I think it’s possible. Just keeping the same theme (black, white, and brass) with the furniture and accessories this can be rocked so hard.

Let’s try a GET THE PRETTY (inspired by the fab Tiina Decor)
get the pretty

Black white and green luxurious living room on

“Rorschach” Print  // Lamp // Armless Loveseat //  Coffee Table  //  Vase  //  Flowers  //Rug // Curtains  //  GREEN

Scandinavian black white and green design, get the look on surroundedbypretty.comsource

I cannot even take this. It’s very Scandanavian, so not my style… but I’d love it for a second home (ahem Design-Vox). While in the photo above the green was ballsy, I think white is ballsier. I mean how do I make it non-institutional? Oh there ya go, kickass green chair, geometric print pillow, etsy prints, a slammin light, and an aloe plant. Nailed. I wish I had this obsession WHILE I was decorating my house, that way I could have some inspo in my life (and perhaps some black, white, and green because there is NONE of that to be found in my house.

get the pretty
Get the black white and green Scandinavian look on

Lamp // Pillow  // Chair  // Print  //  Table  //  Plant

Green wingback chairs in the dining room, get the look on surroundedbypretty.comsource

Jaw dropped. Divine. These green wingbacks are delicious and I don’t care what you say. Honestly I think these suckers could be scored at Home Goods if luck is on your side. These could be easily replaced with any color and the whole thing would be smashing. The natural wicker chandelier, mixed with the metal of the Xavier Pauchard Chairs, and the velvet delights makes life worth living. A simple farm table with a bench sassed up with all that zhush keeps me on team farm table. By the way, is it too much to ask for oversized black pocket doors?

get the pretty

Green wingback in the dining room on

Green Wingbacks  //  Xavier Inspired Chairs  // Chandelier  //  Farm Table (and bench not pictured)

Wow, this one took awhile, but you’ve been neglected for awhile so I hope this was worth it. You liking “Get the Pretty”? It’s fun for me because it’s like fake shopping. Perhaps….. you can help lil ol’ me out and send me some rooms you’re crushing and I can help you get the look. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

email: surroundedbypretty(at sign)gmail(dot)com

xoxo Stephanie


7 thoughts on “Black, White, and Green are my Jam: Get the Pretty Part 1

  1. Love you “get the look” features! We have forest green drapes left over from the previous owners. It’s basically the only dark colour in the house, everyone else loves them except me haha

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