Itchin’ For Some Antlers

I need antlers, and I need them now. I have been drooling over images with antlers on the walls, on the bookshelves, in the room. Antlers are so fetch right now, and I need in on the action. I’m sure after looking at antlers on our recent trip for 4 days straight didn’t help. HOWEVER those antlers were rustic, I’m talking masculine-chic. Makes no sense huh? “masculine-chic”, well I’m coining it, you can use it, I want it to be a household word.

If you’re picturing a cabin with scary antlers over a TV with an antenna you’re wrong, DEAD WRONG, antlers can be so masculine-chic. Let’s take a looksee.

Antlers used in home decor is so fetch, talks all about it.1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

As pictured above you can see all of the different ways to use antlers. My most favs are the teeny ones over the sink, and an array used over what looks like a bar cart (another obsession). However, whilst writing this post I started to search for some online. I found a bunch on etsy, I’ve seen them in antique shops, and I saw them in every single store in Lake Placid, so I know they’re accessible. But the other part of me thinks, eeeek antlers on my wall?!?!?! Are they for realsies from a deer???? (now I know I know there are fakies – – – but that doesn’t help lead into the next portion of my post)

Fauxidermy. I did not coin this term….. (it’s pretty awesome, I wish i did). If your sketched out by antlers on your walls, consider fauxidermy.

Fauxidermy is a chic alternative to antlers on the wall on surroundedbypretty.com1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

If you would’ve asked me a year ago I would’ve done pretty much anything to get my hands on that Glam Ram up there (disco ball ram head), however, I feel like I’m getting simpler in my old age and am siding more with the more natural look. I do have #7 up there (not currently for sale on One Kings Lane, but I’ve seen it a few times).

How ’bout it? You itchin’ for antlers on your walls?

xoxo Stephanie

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5 thoughts on “Itchin’ For Some Antlers

  1. We have some real antlers sitting proud in our living room and I love them! I’m thinking we’ll put them on the wall when we’re done done decorating but in the meantime I think they look pretty good where they are 🙂 I’ll fb you a pic!

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