Hair today, gone tomorrow (Plus a Brush!)

If you are an avid Surrounded by Pretty reader (which I know you are), you were aware of my hair plight and how I wanted to chop chop chop ‘er off. Well I didn’t….I kinda did….

My original inspiration was this do right here:

But when I sat down in the chair (just like I warned all of my friends and family I obsessed over this transformation with) the stylist basically refused. See, I have this hair that is insanely thick and what these gals call “healthy”. Hell, I always use the good shampoo and conditioner, but that’s it. I don’t use product and (full disclosure) I basically never brush it. Not because I’m gross, but because I don’t need to. So back to what I was saying, when I showed her the above photo she basically refused because she said she wouldn’t be able to and she didn’t think I’d handle it well (secretly I was kind of happy because I was scared I was going to look like this):


She was able to convince me to cut it shoulder length and add more layers. (Selfie alert)


I’M FREEEEEEEE……. or am I?

There I am (above) all happy that it’ll take me zero time compared to when I was Rapunzel. I even went as far as washing it less than 24 hours later to experience the joy of  less than one hour of blow dry time. I was wrong. Wrong as rain. It was horrible. When I was done I swear I looked like a Beatle (even though my very kind husband and friends disagreed). The layers were flipped and not curled, it was hitting off my shoulder and let’s just say, it looked nothing like the photo above. I was crushed.

Until……….. someone said “uh duh, get a bigger brush”. I thought my brush was as big as it got, I was wrong. I headed on over to Ulta and got myself this beaut

Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion brush, bestest brush ever!

Buy this brush NOW!!! Best brush ever ever ever. My blow dry time went from an hour (already dry) to 20 minutes, DAMP! It looks just as good as when I got it done!


(the dance I did when I was done in 20 mins)

I don’t have many beauty pointers to share, so when I do share one, it’s gotta be good.

((((((And don’t think before I was trying to cut it with some cheapo brush, no no no. I got the ‘spensive boars hair brush that was SUPPOSED to be the best for my hair type.))))))

Any of y’all have any more simple hair pointers for this ol’ gal?

xoxo Stephanie


10 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow (Plus a Brush!)

  1. You are too funny!

    Definitely chopped my hair to my shoulders as well a few weeks ago!

    It looked perfect once I left my hairdresser, all curled under. But after 4 days once I finally realized I looked like a grease ball…

    My attempts at blowdrying it left my front hairs curled under and back head hairs flipped out… MY ARMS JUST DON’T CONTORT THAT WAY!… It looks like some sort of mullet and I’m working with it! Buuut this cut is definitely easier to take care of!

    I also have a shit load of healthy hair (wahhhhh, lol) and Moroccan Oil has helped tame it A LOT!

    • Yes! Yes to all of it!!!! Yes to greaseball, yes to uncoordinated, yes to Moroccan Oil! The brush does help bc it gets so friggin hot that I can put my hair on it and position it juuuuust right to curl under in the back. I’ve also pulled out the ol’ straightener which I haven’t used in FOREVER to help me with the back.

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