Lake Placid is the Cat’s Meow

Strip me of my Leibster! I am the worst blogger ever!!!!!


Ok no, I’m not, but life has finally caught up. Long gone are the days of me sitting around with nothing to do but obsess over Surrounded By Pretty. Fortunately, I am one happy lady. Love love loving interning, school isn’t nearly as stressful, and I think year 2 of marriage is when you really start to like your spouse (year 1 i just loved him) – – – I’m partially joking.

Being that we like each other now, we decided it was in our best interest to go away (KIDDING). It was really for my main man’s birthday, but in all honesty, we needed to GET OUT! We didn’t want to take any risks though, we wanted to go away to a place we knew we loved without much fuss or planning. It was pretty simple, Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, New York. Our first year of dating we went to this luxurious resort and we needed to get back. We threw all responsibilities aside and booked a lake cottage room. It was nothing short of spectacular. I recommend EVERYONE in the tri-state area to get there. It’s magic.

Mirror Lake Inn Lake Placid NY on

Lake Cottage at Mirror Lake Inn

Rustic goodness in the Mirror Lake Inn Lobby

Rustic meets glam goodness in the Mirror Lake Inn Lobby

Those are my personal (unprofessional) photos, so yes, that is what it really looks like. It’s cozy and rustic and the entire time we were there we spoke of our future plans of getting a vacation home around here (as I went into every home decor and furnishing store to get some decoration inspiration).

Rustic home goodness found in Lake Placid on

That sad face is because I wasn’t allowed to purchase those fab faux fur throw pillows.

We took advantage of the fall activities and went to the Whiteface Mountain Oktoberfest. It was stunning. We took the gondola up to on of the summits of the mountain where awesome men in leiderhosen played glorious sounds from  alphorns.

Oktoberfest at Whiteface Mountain on

Don’t think for one second we didn’t gorge ourselves with Lake Placid cuisine…..

Lunch: The Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar. It was good enough, nothing to write home about.
Dinner: Caffe Rustica (deeeeelishhhh) Hub doesn’t usually go for Italian, but he was having a hankering and there is zero way I’ll turn down pasta.


Breakfast: Breakfast Club etc. I had the most amazing Bloody Mary (Fire Mary). Mike got a PB&J French      Toast and I got a potato, egg, and ham meal (the Bloody Mary Stole the show)

The most delicious Bloody Mary ever, Spicy Mary found in Lake Placid, NY on

Dinner: Liquids & Solids. This restaurant had the highest YELP reviews. When we got there we soon realized this wasn’t really our “style”, but we decided we were there, and we were going to go for it. I ended up having the most delicious (well the only) fried busslesprouts. Mike ordered french onion soup we both agreed was too “rich”, too much wine. I ordered, ate, and enjoyed….. BEEF HEART (I kept saying “bee fart” in my head, haha). I was scared, but it was yum. Mike was eh about the braised pork belly, and he left hungry.

Breakfast: Bluesberry Bakery. I didn’t love that I had to heat up my own croussaint, but it was friggin delish, and worth each and every stellar review received on YELP.
Lunch: Bestill my heart……… MAGGIE’S PUB……….. calling it a “pub” did this eatery a disservice. I cannot even believe how delicious this was. We started off with Buffalo chicken dip and each ordered a turkey club. And yes, those things were that delicious. The atmosphere really added to it though. It was overlooking Lake Placid, a HUGE fireplace, each seat had a little blanket on it (because it was a bit chilly), and the wait staff was sweet and attentive.


Dinner: we needed steak, Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood. It was steak, nothing fancy, but we needed nothing fancy.

Breakfast: Big Mountain Deli and Creperie. This place had a line out the door every day, we stopped by quick to pick up breakfast sandwiches for our long drive home and regretted not going there sooner (also, best chocolate chip cookie ever).

Things to do:

  • Lake Placid Boat Tour. My mother and father in law LOVE Lake Placid. We decided to ask them for some recommendations and this seemed to be their favorite, it was ours too.
  • Swedish Hill Winery Tasting. This was quick, but it was fun. We bought a few (or 4) bottles of wine, some fancy cheese, and enjoyed our goodies by the fire.
  • Walk Main Street. It’s super cute, super rustic, and there’s candy.
  • This isn’t really a “thing to do” but more of a tip, GO IN THE FALL! We went in the dead of winter, it was literally -10 degrees, we loved it. But in the fall the weather is crisp, you can enjoy the fire, and the leaves are a BLAZIN’
  • If you do go in the winter GO BOBSLEDDING!!!
  • Check out their events, it seems like there’s always something going on. Take advantage because there’s a really good chance it’s perfect…. like everything seems to be there

Welp, I hope you missed me tons because I missed you!

xoxo Stephanie

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7 thoughts on “Lake Placid is the Cat’s Meow

    • Whoaaaaa!!!!! Well do you know what buffalo wings are? It’s a spicy sauce on tiny wings, which are basically an addiction in our household (and many other households). The dip is the same sauce on the wings with ranch dressing, sometimes cream cheese with shredded chicken. It sounds pretty ick now that I’m trying to explain it but lets just say it’s 7:30 am and I wouldn’t turn it down.

      I missed you!!!!

      • Ahhh I see…. actually I have no idea but lets just pretend that I do :). So many American delicacies I am not privy too, I need a food holiday to experience all these lovely things I have been missing out on all my life haha. Glad you guys had a great birthday weekend away!

  1. Place looks beautiful and Octoberfest got me jealous but…… WoW! Buffalo Chicken dip!! You got me going crazy lookin’ at that pic! I need that dip NOW!

  2. There’s no place in the world like Lake Placid, New York. I would move there in a flash. No matter the season – it’s a slice of heaven!

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