It’s Beeeeginning to look A-lot like AU-tumn

I get pretty festive around this time of year, then it fizzles out around… well, I don’t know, it’s been becoming less and less every year. But when I feel blue, super ‘cited, or crave change I really have at it. This weekend was a combo between craving change and having some super cute frands over for cocktails and appies, well I didn’t KNOW that was going to happen, that was just an added bonus that after my Autumn sprucing and bouquet arranging that we decided to get all snuggly before a night out.

Enough blabbing and lemme put up proof of how cute my added touches are….

The other day I mentioned that the glass kept breaking while I was DIYing a cheap-o frame. Well, while I was wandering around the store I found this faboosh wreath. But here’s the deal, I thought it was just meh, but I had time to kill and a 40% off coupon to Michaels, so I threw ‘er in the cart. When I placed it on the door I was all like WHOAAAA NELLYYYY!!!

Craft store feather wreath on a purple front door, it's Autumn for Ikea candle sticks, crate and barrel apothecary jar, and candy pumpkins on #falldecor #autumn

You may remember these gems from a successful DIY that did NOT require multiple trips.
The mumsies are growing in nicely  🙂

DIY black and white striped planters on

Speaking of mumsies…….The peeps who lived in the house before us had these hooks up, I would’ve thought NOTHING of them until my momma hung some flowers for us upon our move-in day.

Mums hanging on the porch on #falldecor #autumn

Here lies another stressless and successful DIY using a $20.00 Ikea end table. M’lady friend suggests piling design books, so I’m tryna build a collection and sneaking them in with school book purchases. I had an amazing grocery store flower run and dispersed these fab wildflowers throughout the house.

DIY Ikea side table, mason jar, wildflowers, and design books. #falldecor #autumn

As I just said, an AMAZING grocery store flower find (I posted about grocery store flower arrangements a while back), but these were kind of the inspiration to festive-ize the casa. Sipping my coffee with my Yankee Candle Pumpkin Buttercream  burning inspired this post (best scent ever FYI).

Autumn flower arrangement on

I may or may not have found my way into Target where I may or may not have picked up this Nate Berkus tray (wow, on sale!) and super cute black craft pumpkin. I don’t plan on crafting it, I don’t want to push my DIY luck and I think it’s hella cute as it is.

Craft pumpkin, wildflowers, candle, and Nate Berkus for Target tray #falldecor #autumn
That’s all I got for now, there’s a few other things sneaking around but you get the point, it’s awesome and you wish you could frolic around here. That’s ok, I do too…. because I’m never freakin’ home.

Happy Fall Decorating!

xoxo Stephanie

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7 thoughts on “It’s Beeeeginning to look A-lot like AU-tumn

  1. Decorating at this time of year makes me wish I lived in the US. You guys have so many more autumn style decorations than we do. I am absolutely obsessed with Christmas decorations (the 9 full boxes in the garage prove it) but it’s so hard to find lovely things over here for this season. I think I’m just going to have to improvise!

  2. Oh, How i miss the states seeing all the orange goodness this time of year…. start of the holiday season how very exciting. Enjoy!

  3. Fabulous little touches to bring in the fall! Love love love them! And I’m TOTALLY stealing your Ikea DIY idea. I have two of those exact tables hanging out in the guest room… guess who’s getting a makeover! Thanks for the great – and super easy – ideas. (My life needs super easy right now)


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