Keepin’ it Chic: Halloween Edition

I love me some Halloween, hub does not. I used to throw a cray cray Halloween Party every year but, and I don’t know if you know much about New Jersey’s Halloween track record, but it’s not too good. Our first year in our home we were going to to a Halloween/Housewarming. But it snowed.  A LOT. Last year, Hurricane Sandy, and I’m still pretty bitter about it. So Halloween Scrooge/Extreme Weather: 2, Stephanie: 0.

Ok, enough griping and onto the pretty. So I used to go for the “more is more” theme and make my house look like a tacky haunted house on steroids. But I’ve matured, and I want more of a chic halloween. A “Masquerade”, less is more type feel. So because I know hub-stats would never allow such an affair to occur I’ll put together my dream decor up on here.

Chic Halloween decor on

Poison and Potion Bottles: I’m sure you all remember and cherish my Bar Cart Post. Well, I do, and there’s an air of sophistication that comes along with a chic bar cart/vignette. AND if you’re going to be that awesome and have one, you might as well take advantage and play along with the theme of the party you’re hosting. Things like this are relatively cheap and they can be stored and used again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

Branch Sconce: Ok, so these aren’t REALLY for Halloween but if styled properly they’re pretty darn creepy, and if not, they’re pretty darn fab. I have a thing for “natural but not really because it’s metal” (ahem Michael Aram ruled my entire wedding registry).

Skull Print: Because we all need a $900 skull print to use as Halloween Decor. Ok no, but (and this is a bonafide “Stephanie is an unpaid intern but obsessed with holidays” pointer) I’d suggest nabbing a cheapo skull poster and get an antique style gold frame n’ frame that sucker. Frame it hard.

Spooky Stemware: We all love ourselves a red solo cup, however this isn’t going to work at our Uber Chic Masquerade Party, but I’m also not going to spend a buncha money so Drunky McDrunkersons will leave their cocktails lying around. There’s a happy medium for this, themed plastic stemware. I honestly don’t know the material of these guys here, but they have fancylike fake stemware at party stores (Party City has stuff like this if there are any of those around you). It’s cheap but it adds to the ambiance.

Gold Skull: I love me some trinkets, and if it’s gold AND plays along with the theme, well there ya go! Skulls are “in” so you don’t have to limit yourself to only Halloween with this guy, however, when skulls are out, store it away and let him out to play next Halloween!

Black Victorian Couch: total cop-out, but I googled “black antique couch” and this is what I got, and it’s pretty fierce.

Blood Red Rug: I’m not suggesting you buy a rug for a party, but this is an imaginary party and this deep red is stunning.

Bar Cart: This bar cart is not only for this party, no no no, in my imaginary world this is always around. What I am showing with this stunner is if you’re in the market for a bar cart, try not to get one that’s season specific. Get one that can zhoosh up the place, whether Halloween, Christmas, Wednesday, you know…..

Creepy Library Wallpaper: I’ve seen this wallpaper look used foolishly on HGTV and splendidly by Bailey McCarthy. It’s perfect for Halloween and this is a fake party and I want to install wallpaper for my fake party.

So you’re all invited to my fake party, are there any other chic Halloween Decor sites you’d like to share with the class?

xoxo Stephanie


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