Long Hair DO Care

So my hair is Repunzel stats. It thick, shiny, and relatively healthy… but it hangs. Its heavy. Once it gets to a certain length it is impossible to work with. I spend over an hour blowing 795 degree heat into my hair flipping and curling all so after 30 minutes it just hangs. So in my head I’ve been conjuring a ‘do but I can’t find it ANYWHERE, until, thank goodness for the Emmy’s and Downton Abbey because there it was…. the ‘do I’ve been imagining for months

Michelle Dockery cut, to chop or not to chop on surroundedbypretty.com

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Here’s my current sitch:


And because I’m a real visual person, I decided to plop that do upon my dome. Now, this is absolutely horrific, and meant for a laugh… but if you want to help a girl out and tell me if I should go for it or not look at it like a magic eye. Let your eyes go blurry and you can kind of get the effect:


To chop or not to chop? I really wanna chop.

xoxo Stephanie

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11 thoughts on “Long Hair DO Care

  1. I have been growing out my hair for a while now and it’s about the length of yours. As you said it takes FOREVER to dry and style. I am getting to the point of wanting to chop it off. The style you found is super cute! I say go for it! It’s only hair right??

  2. That picture is so funny… I cut my hair short a few years ago to donate… And I looked like I was ten, ha!… But it’s just hair and will grow back, I say go for it too!

  3. Is it the need for a change you want, or is it the time it takes to make it look pretty that’s driving you nuts? If it’s the time needed to straighten/curl/style… definitely try a Brazilian or Keratin treatment. It’s a major TIME SAVER AND LIFESAVER! It used to take me an hour+ to blowout/straighten/style my hair, but now it looks perfect when I just let it air dry… I repeat, AIR DRY! But if I want to blow it out or add some extra style, maybe it takes only 20min. I buy deals for my keratin treatments all the time on Groupon or LivingSocial.

    • I think if I were to get a different cut or thin it out a bit (if that’s a thing) I’d be prone to trying that out, but it’s so friggin heavy. It’s not the actual blowing out that kills me, it’s that after all that work it just lays there, all heavy like. I got a hair cut in the summer that helped out but it grows so stinking fast (plus all summer I wore it up). That’s def an idea though, if I end up not chopping it I’ll consider that….because that does sound tempting, thanks!

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