Retail Can be Fresh, Here’s my Fab 4

I get a lot of texts from friends and family asking where to find _________ (end table, coffee table, lamp, couch, etc etc). I’ll give you my secret, it’s not really a secret. I am a searching fiend. I love online browsing, I love it even more when there’s a purpose and a budget. I have a never-ending list of home decor sites that range from Ethan Allen to Target1st Dibs to Ikea, but wherever google takes me I go, because perusing is most of the fun! I could spend days on talking about every single site I have saved in my bookmarks, however, I’ll share my most fav and most used.

I hate to break it to ya, but I’m not one of those awesome bloggers who buy a midcentury office chair for $15 on craigslist and find Scalamandre fabric on clearance and reupholster it to make the greatest chair in the history of chairs. Sadly, I’m a regular ol’ gal who happens to be a firm believer in “you like it you buy it, figure out where it goes later”. My only real rule is when shopping for home goods is: don’t let my house look like a catalog. That’s the trouble with retail. You fall in love with the display you want it to be in your house, but then your house is a window display. Unfortunately because I’m a regular ol’ gal, retail is my jam, but I do my best to keep it fresh.

First stop, Crate and Barrel. I love their streamlined style. It’s traditional and not too trendy. Basically all of the furniture they have can be in my house, and stay in my house until I’m 94. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THEIR HOME ACCESSORIES!!! Ok, they’re trendy, but friggin awesome and usually fairly priced. C&B is seasonal and they have a constant rotation of new stuff coming in, what does that mean for us? Sales! HOWEVER, it’s one of those stores that once they’re out, they’re out. They just revealed their Paola Navone Collection and I’m crying because I want basically everything, specifically these, but there’s both no room nor no point. However, I do really need white dinner plates for when I’m hosting banquets. (Banquets = when both set of parents come over.)

Crate and Barrel's combination of traditional and trendy rocks socks

Next up, West Elm. Not always my style, but I love pretty much everything. Their furniture is a little more trendy, lower to the ground, and only fits in a home where that theme is carried throughout. Not to say I wouldn’t love for my home to be this style, I just can’t pull it off. However, just like C&B, their accessories are perfect. I love their rugs, light fixtures, chairs, etc. etc.

West Elm has both eclectic and classic pieces, a go to store for

Z-Gallerie. Awesome. Fun. Fresh. Glam. I don’t have much experience with Z-Gallerie other than holiday decor, a few prints, and hours of pinning and oogling their products. Some of their furniture is a “bit much” for my taste, but I don’t hate it, it’s fun as h-e-double hockey sticks.

Glam and home accessories to the stars at Zgallerie, approves

One Kings Lane. This gal is tricky. Every day there are new “sales” and these “sales” last 3 days. So you have to be quick. I like it for when I know what I need but can’t spend a ton on it. For example, the rug and chandelier in our entry are from OKL. I waited less than a week for a kickass rug sale, and the chandelier I knew I needed and I made it fit there. However, despite feeling under pressure whenever I peruse, they have stuff that you won’t see in ANYONE’S home and they have something for everyone. The prices are kinda crazy though. Stuff ranges from uber cheap to hella spensive.

One Kings Lane has home goods for any taste and fun stuff that won't be found in anyone's home more on

A few other fun places to check out: Urban Outfitters, Pottery Barn, CB2, Ballard Designs, Furbish Studio, and Biscuit!

As I said before, I have a tonna other places I scope out but these are my first four. These are the sites I find myself internet window shopping when I’m bored…. dangerous stuff. I hope I introduced someone to a site they may have not considered before, and if you know all these sites I just hoped you enjoyed the pretty.

What are your favorite home stores? Even if it’s not available in the U.S. gimme a site so I can check out all the pretty I’m missing out on.

xoxo Stephanie

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10 thoughts on “Retail Can be Fresh, Here’s my Fab 4

    • You really should, I’ve probably bought 8 things in total and they’ll all super fun. I had one mishap with a print (having the artists name and year on it, which wasn’t pictured) but I’m over it now and have shopped there since.

  1. Wow, I really am in love with some of the items on the Z Gallerie pic. I have a similar silver ‘skull’ on my fireplace. My favourite UK home store is Home Sense, you can’t buy on their website but they do have inspiration. The stock in store is constantly changing and you can find gorgeous pieces for bargain prices. (Oh dear, I sound like a sales rep!)

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