Come and Knock on my Door

My whoooole entire life I wanted a white colonial (check) with black shutters (check) and a red door. Soooooooo original. So original that we didn’t paint our door red because our neighbor lives in a white colonial with black shutters and a red door. We opted for plum instead. Why? Because plum is awesome, that’s why.

No but for realsies, the decision to paint ‘er plum was not an easy one. In fact, I am obsessed with entryways (as you may already know), but doors are like the eyes to a home. If someone has nice, friendly eyes, you want to know them. Well that’s how I feel about doors, if a house has an awesome door, then you know the residents are awesome and you want to drink wine with them.

Glossy Black – good lawd. I whined, begged, and gave my best puppy dog eyes to get our door lacquer plum. Mr. Painter Man said “helllllzzz to the nawwww” because the temperatures would destroy the door and within a few months it’d be all cracked and icky. – – – I’m not sure if he was telling the truth but he made a compelling argument and I let it go.

Navy Blue with symmetrical goodness. Our front stoop was heavily influenced by this. In fact I believe we spent an entire weekend looking for those high planters. We ended up hitting the jackpot at Target and ran on over to Home Depot and picked up this Spike plant for literally $3.

Navy door with, double sidelights, and tall planters plus more awesome doors on

// source //

Kickass neon really packs a punch, it would look utterly RIDICULOUS in our neighborhood, but I know there are awesome neighborhoods out there that would welcome this sort of genius… and I kind of really want to live there.

Cerulean door on a gray house, plus more awesome doors on

// source //

Pinwheel GENIUS – if you tell me you don’t want to get inside that house you’re lying. Only fun and excitement can be in there, and you know those people are either 1) awesome or 2) insanely awesome. It reminds me of my most favorite West Elm Rug (that will be mine).

Pinwheel colorful door and other awesome doors on

// source //

Plants going up the steps make me want a house with front steps. I love the idea of bringing a garden and life to the front without real landscaping, PLUS think about how you get to change the plants with the seasons! Getting to switch up your entrance keeps excitement levels high whenever you get to your own home (is this a truism for everyone or would that just be me?).

Pot plants on steps make for a quaint and fun entry, other fun entries on

// source //

PURPLE DOORS!!!! So these images may have inadvertently inspired me to go with the plum door. I’m going to be honest here, I really wanted either mint or magenta. Hub gave me a filthy look when I suggested magenta, and I felt mint wouldn’t give justice to Christmas wreaths. The door NEEDED to work with holiday decor. Keep that in mind! I mean look at how perfect that is.

Purple doors are basically the best, says so.

// image 1 // image 2 //

While I am obsessed with the plum goodness that is our door, she’s missing something. Yes, she looks darling during the holiday season with her big ol’ wreath ‘cessory… but the rest of the time its just….blah. But it’s one of those things. One of those projects you’re all about and then life happens and it kind of fizzles out. Well I’m sparking it back up and sharing with you some stuff I had saved and considered for our door. I love the look of gold/brass on plum. We already have brass hardware, but our mailbox is kinda meh and our house number is horribly haggard. So, help me out here…. here’s what I have rounded up. What’re your thoughts? I’m not set on those numbers, but I do know they NEED to be brass/gold. I’d be down for spray painting obviously. But as for the knockers, stately with a lion? Silly with a bee or a squirrel?

Door accessories for a plum door, suggestions welcomed on

// bee // lion // squirrel // mailbox // numbers //

How you likin’ cray doors? So what knockers are you feelin’???

xoxo Stephanie

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4 thoughts on “Come and Knock on my Door

  1. This post is great! I love looking at front doors and porches but never would have thought of a post centered around the idea. I really love the navy, neon and plum doors. Growing up my grandparents’ house had a red door.

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