Stylin’ n’ Organizin’

I had a request for a post on bedroom organization. This is hysterical because I am the most unorganized human being on this planet. I happened to have married the neatest man on the planet, notice I didn’t say organized. He’s neat, he ain’t organized, but this is not a place for my to air my grievences (he may or may not throw out anything he doesn’t deem important – – – but I’ll leave it at that).

Any who, organization. This post is for my dear friend, she lives with her parents and let me tell you, that is some tough stuff. Now I am able to spread my stuff throughout my house, and it helps organization, but when everything you own is confined into one room, disaster, disorganization, and complete chaos is bound to happen.

I decided to round up some styling organization solutions, some of these I actually do because, well, organization is boring, so like I always say… make it pretty.

Glass vases & Canisters

I actually do this one. Putting cosmetics and nail polish in glass vases to organize is a great way to show off the pretty and add pops of color to a space. Before I bought this ridiculous nail polish rack I used to put the appropriate seasonal colors in glass canisters and store the others away in a shoe box.

Showcase your cosmetics and nail polish while you organize them


I registered for these and intended on using them in the kitchen, we use the big one for coffee but I use the smaller ones for nail polish/cotton balls. (SBP tip: sometimes I use the really small one for roses in the restroom)

Keep things off the floor & Showcase the pretty

I’ve really been loving wall mounted shelves, not the regular ol’ kind, the fun kind. This not only helps organize but also keeps stuff off the floor, which always makes rooms look cleaner. I also have to put in a disclaimer here: Yes, I know this is for a bedroom. Yes, I know some of the styled images show kitchenware, it’s ok people, awesome storage can go anywhere. Use your imagination.

Wall mounted shelving styled all pretty make for great organization on

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1. These fun shelves from Urban Outfitters come in red, mint, white, and yellow. Imagine white or mint with the black brackets spray painted gold!?!?! EEEEEEEKKKKK

2. These apothecary style cubby shelves are no longer available in white (travesty), but they have a similar style in red, which could be fab depending on your decor.

3. The acrylic clear cubby shelves from CB2 are uh-may-zing. I love acrylic and these come in different sizes. It’s contemporary meets awesome and because they’re basically non-existent they’ll go with anything.

4. I am dig-ging the industrial look. This style is easy to come by (target, CB2, Urban Outfitters, MARSHALLS!)

Use Jewelry Boxes as Organizers

Costume jewelry boxes are hella sturdy, so keep ’em and help keep your good organized and out of site. I personally am not a huge fan of hanging jewelry unless you have a big open wall in a closet, it just kind of looks jumbled, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid.

Use jewelry boxes to organize costume jewelry tucked away in a drawer.

Get a Scarf/Belt Hanger…NAOW

GET THESE! I had scarves and belts alllll over the place, these suckers helped that. When those things are all over it’s a wreck. The worst is you can NEVER find the one you’re looking for which causes everything to be torn apart which leads us to a room disaster.

Show off those shoes Gurrrrrrlllll!!!!

Use a floor cabinet with glass shelves for glam shoe storage.

// source //

I adore this idea. I dreamed of a shoe wall, and thanks to hubster, a shoe wall I have. But I seriously love this. I’m trying to think of a way to incorporate this idea into our impending master makeover.  – Here are some similar affordable consoles that may involve a bit of tweaking (adding more shelves):

Use an affordable glass door floor cabinet to show off shoes and handbags

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Hide, Hide, Hide

There’s some clutter that is just unavoidable. However, instead of shoving it under your bed or on the floor of your closet, have a chic cabinet to store them in! The Ikea PS Cabinet is PERFECT for this. You can put those canisters on top, TV, an awesome tray with your perfume bottles on display…. possibilities are endless.

Ikea PS cabinet is great for hiding clutter while providing a surface for pretty

// Ikea //

Basically what I’m sayin’ here is organizing can be pretty. I know everyone is all about those rubbermaid bins for under the bed, but really? Come on, I could’ve told you that. It’s the fun and the unexpected that make a room your own. These are the kind of pieces you can stroll around Home Goods and be like “AGGGH Chevron oversized basket!!!” and use it for a hamper because your room is FUN and since organizing is lame that should be fun too! Treat it like a collection of pretty (for real this is what I do), just buy stuff you love that can have a purpose, use your imagination and DO IT!

Do any of you have any fun organization/storage ideas? I love unique organization so I’m all ears!

xoxo Stephanie


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