DIYessiree Bobbo: Successful Stripes

Hub and I aren’t what you’d call “DIYers”. We are really good at buying stuff “as is”. In fact I still can’t believe I pulled this off. But we went for it on Saturday.

You may or may not have noticed I am OBSESSED with black and white stripes. They’re pretty much anywhere I can throw them in my house (exibit A). So if there’s an opportunity for a stripe, I’ll stripe.

I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start from the beginning. We have a “thing” with outdoor flowers. We are all about keeping our outdoors seasonally appropriate and obviously, with Autumn upon us, mum’s the word. We get hanging mums and a little mum assembly sitting on our front porch. However, as we also know, mums come in the lamest planters. We aren’t “dig into the ground and plant” people, we tried and failed at that. So I wanted to “spruce stripe up” some planters.

First we found some cheapo planters ($1.98 to be exact), 1 1/2 inch masking tape, and Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Paint+Primer (bonds to plastic).


The next part was all hub (even though he made it quite clear he was not interested in this project). Tape the entire pot instead of measuring. That was all of the stripes are sure to be the same. (be sure to not overlap the tape)


And now…. the fun part…. (spray painting). I did 2 coats and waited 3 minute in between (I have zero patience).


Now the scary/exciting part…. the big reveal. Be sure to pull the tape off slowly, and honestly this was a lot easier with two people.
DIY Black and white striped planters

SAYYY WHAAAAAAA!?!?!?!?!? How flippin awesome!?!?!? Even hubster said “this sh*t never works!” as we high fived (seriously, this happened).

DIY Black and White striped planters on

….a little before and after for good measure

DIY Black and White Striped Planters for mums on

I DARE you to tell me this isn’t awesome.

xoxo Stephanie


15 thoughts on “DIYessiree Bobbo: Successful Stripes

  1. What a transformation! I love your tall black planter behind them too. The outside of my house is sadly neglected for the inside at the moment. Considering there has been torrential rain here for the past two days and probably will be now until next summer, I probably shouldn’t worry. Ahhh, England.

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