Show me your “O”ffice

So, I’ve kind of turned into a real life adult this week. Besides not being able to check TMZ every 15 minutes, not having tabs on every single one of my FB friends, and waking up before 10am, I’m working in an office. A real, life office. Ok, so the office isn’t MINE but I’m interning, so its kinda sorta mine, whatever I think it’s cool I’m finally in the “setting” I will actually be in when I am a real life adult.

Since this isn’t my real life office, I want to imagine what my real life office will look like.

1: Kickass chair. So necessary.

Well… blue velvet tufted wingback…. OBVIOUSLY

Scalamandre Leopard, another very obvious choice.

2: Fun Walls. If you’re going to be spending 75% of your time procrastinating, better have fun stuff to look at

I’m not completely sure if I’d rather the animal print under my booty or surrounding me in the form of Thibaut Tanzania (deja vu?) ….

Or keep the leopard print and pair it with high gloss black and white stripeys.

Black and white, high gloss horizontal striped office

3: Natural Light > Fluorescent Lights

Of course pairing an amazeballs chair with natural light never hurt nobody.

Perhaps pairing the black trim and white walls with a pop of yellow will help boost productivity?

4: Plenty of Storage for Super Duper Important Grown-up Documents and Books

Built ins are a must-have if anyone is expected to get any work done.

If you can’t swing builtins, just score a china cabinet and paint it all purdy like.

A girl can dream while she is cooped up in a cinderblock, windowless, fluorescent buzzing office.

….however I think our home office is pretty flippin awesome so far….


I really need to start taking pictures during the day…..

xoxo Stephanie

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