Closet Dreamin’

There was a catastrophe at Surrounded by Pretty Headquarters on Friday. I picked up some fun pants on a last minute back to school (finally interning) shopping run. Part of my “Shopping Ritual” includes the introducing of my new goodies into their new home. To make it even more special I did all of the laundry and wanted to organize and beautify the closet. As I was hanging, and folding, and organizing……the hangers wouldn’t slide. It happened. My closet is full. Stuffed. Packed. Finito.

Surrounded by Pretty full closet
Let the record show, this is not my dream closet.

My dream closet would include a window for natural light,

enough space for trying on and playing around without having to have a bed full of failed outfits,

a ladder to reach stuff up top,

a fab chandelier,

a vanity/primping area,

and a wall of shoes. I do have a wall of shoes, so we can check that one off the list (Mariah’s is far superior)

I also dream of these being on that wall….


Miu Miu

Le sigh.

xoxo Stephanie


2 thoughts on “Closet Dreamin’

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