A peek into my closet: Day 1

Ah yes, that time of the year that will never ever ever go away. Back to school. This year there is light at the end of the tunnel however, I start interning. Which means that maybe one day onneeee day I will be an actual employee making real life money. But until then, I’ll fake it till I make it and dress the part.

Way back when I gave a little background on my shopping situation. Recap: While I love shopping for my home, I live for shopping for clothes (and this is a disease created by no other than my own mother). Get this, I love shopping for “business casual”. I dress pretty darn appropriate all the time, I cannot STAND when “professionals” look unprofessional. You can find business casual at Forever 21, there is zero excuse.

So mom and I hit the mall. There was little to no self control, and we LIT-RALLY bought everything we loved.


It was definitely one of these days…..

Obviously leading up to being a participating member of society I have caught up with Parks and Rec in its entirety…..in 2 weeks.

Back to business, I have decided I will present some of my goodies to y’all and put together some outfits. Since all work and no play makes Stephanie a dull girl, I allowed room for my “intern” clothes to also work as “fun” clothes (or is it that I already practically dress like I am going to work anyway?) #preplife.

First things first. I have wanted a blazer forrreeevvveeerrrr. I have a cute lil navy, white polka dot number, but I mean…. I need a real blazer. I treated myself to this fabulousness.

(I’ve also noticed camo EVERYWHERE this season, I wasn’t into it in 1997, I wont be into it now)

I will, however, be rocking this fab blazer with ripped jeans and a white T for fun, and black or khaki skinnies for work. OR these!!!!! FUN PANTS ARE A MUST, DO YOU HEAR? FUN PANTS ARE A MUST. My closet has turned from fun up top and dull down below (kinda sounds icky, it’s not supposed to), to a party on both levels!

My STAPLE item I had had had to buy this year were black smoking loafers. I had them last year and was iffy about them, but I ended up wearing them all day er’day and now they look haggard. So I treated myself to a brand spanky new pair. I rocked ballet flats HARD for a solid 6+ years, but I had a sickness and loafers were my prescription.

All together now, for the doubters out there:

J.Crew blazer, patterned pants, and smoking loafer is a great business casual fall outfit surroundedbypretty.comI would love love loveeeee to wear this Day 1 of interning, but we’re at that awkward time of year here in NJ that it’s hot, but not really, but I can’t wear shorts to work, so I’ll just pretend the weather made up it’s mind and wear this.

Then, when I’m feelin’ REAL saucy, I’ll rock these gems and be like a real life grown up.

…or not….

Pair and blazer with ripped jeans, white t and killer booties for a fun fall outfit surroundedbypretty.com

Thoughts? Like how much easier life is as a prepster because you can wear everything in your closet all-of-the-time? Or how I didn’t even tap the surface of the shopping damage we committed and will be posting more of these work outfits and fun alternatives?

xoxo Stephanie

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14 thoughts on “A peek into my closet: Day 1

  1. Where did you guys go shopping?? Blazer is amazing. I’m about ready to pull the trigger on some smoking flats, hubby is not on board…what does he know!?!

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