Feelin’ Fresh n Bitchin’ Kitchens

Muchhhhh better. Perhaps you noticed I took a little break, a hiatus some may say. When I started Surrounded by Pretty I planned on posting once a day. I wanted every day’s post to be filled with photos, funnies, and lotsa pretty. I felt like I was providing that, but I was becoming OBSESSED with daily views and would get frustrated when I spent hours on a post and the views were low. I knew this was unhealthy, and not what it was all about, so I took a breather and I’m starting fresh. Making this about the pretty again 🙂

Down to business. I’ve made very clear that I believe the living room is the heart of the home (as opposed to this crazy claim that it is the kitchen). I would probably think differently if my kitchen wasn’t the blandest room on the planet. It’s not ugly, it’s just meh. There’s a gorgeous oversized window looking into our meh backyard, the only redeeming quality. The floors are a laminate speckled forest green. meh. The countertops are corian…that match the speckled floor. meh. The cabinets were refaced with a beigish, ivoryish vinyl. meh. I could change the hardware, but honestly, what’s the point. It wouldn’t make the room any more interesting. In fact, it would look silly to have such awesome hardware and lame-oid cabinets. The problem with this is that our kitchen is not even on our dream list of things to do, because there’s NOTHING wrong with it (short of not having enough counter space). But I’ve seen worse kitchens. But then I’ve also seen better.

Cue Pinterest Dreamin’

First things first, painted cabinets. Is it a trend? Will we all be house shopping in 10 years and be going “ugh, (((insert any color here))) cabinets?”, because I love this look, and if we didn’t have vinyl cabinets or forest green floors and counters, I’d be painting those suckers.

surroundedbypretty.com painted cabinets

all images can be found on my Pinterest
specifically here

I’ve also been noticing some rill fancy-like storage. I like the idea of having all the stuff you hide in cabinets out for display, or just making storage pretty.

surroundedbypretty.com pretty storage solutions in the kitchen

all images can be found on my Pinterest
specifically here

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we all had kitchens so large would could put bitchin’ furniture in them? I know it would be. It sort of takes “eat-in” kitchen to a whole new level. I guess I just like the idea of being able to have people hang out with you while you’re cooking. I just love pops and fun and making the kitchen a part of the house rather than just that room food comes from.

surroundedbypretty.com furniture in the kitchen

all images can be found on my Pinterest
specifically here

So let’s raise our glasses (coffee, juice, champagne – – whatever it is you’re drinking right now) and toast the pretty. Especially pretty kitchens.

What’s something you’d have in your dream kitchen?

xoxo Stephanie

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18 thoughts on “Feelin’ Fresh n Bitchin’ Kitchens

  1. If we are talking dream kitchen then defiantly an old school free standing oven, preferably in powder blue. However if we are taking simple pleasures, I’d settle for running cold water…

  2. I really hope that painted cabinets aren’t a fad, I love them too! This would be especially disappointing considering we have just chosen our gorgeous blue-grey cabinet doors. Kristy, I hear your pain. We have water, just no shelves or cupboards or worktops…I could go on 😦

  3. Glad you took a breather. I realize I’m commenting on this real late but that’s because I read everything in Feedly and I am currently 1,845 posts behind. Ha! I totally agree with you that the living room is the heart of the home. Maybe one day if I have a bitchin kitchen and actually learn to cook I will feel differently.

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