Nate Berkus, Gimme a (Nate Ber)KISS

First things first, Nate Berkus, Gimme a Kiss.


Ok good. I have a serious, SERIOUS crush on Nate Berkus. Everything this man touches is perfection and I’m waiting to get his coffee table book for when I get my dumb school books ordered. But seriously, lets just drool over some of the amazingness he has brought to interiors (cue music):

nate collage

all of the above images can be found here and on my Pinterest

I can’t. All of it is perfect. He plays with color, but sophisticated colors. Everything is a deeper tone, but nothing is dark. It’s grown up, but not serious. I dunno, it’s just brilliant, and he’s brilliant, and I don’t know if you know, but I love him.

So what can the rest of us do about it? Um go to Target, duh. A lot of the items in his work are at Target! (well, affordable replicas obvi). Every time there’s a new Nate line out at Target I buy 25% of it, not this time. No. More like 75-80%. Nate Berkus’s Fall 2013 Line was revealed on CasaSugar, and I’m dead. Yup, I’m blogging from the grave.

If ya’ll recall, in the next month or so we’re refreshing our master bedroom:

OB-Master Bedroom Moodboard

And Natey-poo’s new line falls RIGHT INTO the look I’m going for, I could not be more thrilled (hub is probably sweating as he reads this). I put together my favorite (and must have) items, and will be incorporating a lot of them into our room when she’s all ready.

Target collageI must be honest, there are a TON more things I love, but they wouldn’t fit on this meticulously set up collage. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

1 // This Honeycomb Wall Art can be put in any room, and go with almost any style. You can bunch them up or just have one. I love it, and it’s happening on the TV wall (heads up hub) – $35

2 // The Diamond Check Duvet Set is sublime. It’s the perfect amount of print and the colors won’t date a room when trends change – $80

3 // I can’t with this Water Hyacinth and Seagrass Ottoman. I want it really REALLY bad. Two under the window? In that other area that’s super empty? Who knows, who cares! – $50

4 // Double Finish Mirror. Um. Yes. – $35/each

5 // The Zig Zag Enabled Frame would be a great pop against everything else being so natural. – $25

6 // Elephant Tea Light Holders, so cute, light those cuties up and it’ll really sparkle and set the mood (ooh la laaaa) – $10/each

7 // Obsessed with a capital O with this Metal Candleabra and will probably be my first purchase, this might be my favorite out of the collection. – $20

8 // This Water Hyacinth Storage Basket almost makes me regret my previous Target Basket Purchase. – $35

9 // OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Rattan Table Lamp YES YES YES YES YES – $60

10 // The Folding Campaign Style Stool is a cheaper (and chicer, if I may) alternative to the x-legged ottomans everyone seems to love overcharging for (I mean it’s either $500 for an awesome x-legged ottoman or $100 for one with an ugly print).

Sigh…. so…. thoughts? Do we love? How much?

xoxo Stephanie

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