luxury, LUXURY, and Obtainable Bathrooms

Private things happen in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fabulous/fun/or luxurious. We’ve all seen the perfect bathrooms with the huge tub and the marble subway tile with the huge artwork hanging below the crystal chandelier, and we can all dream and think “one day”. But let’s be serious, what are the chances we’re ever going to have a bathroom that we could not only fit furniture in, but be able to lay on the floor with our hands stretched above our heads and our toes pointed and not be able to touch either wall. But who’s to say we shouldn’t dream for just that…and these:

I’m dead. I cannot believe how stunning this is. To soak in that egg tub with the floral mosaics to my right and that window in front of me would cause me to become a wrinkly raisin.

How spot on was my luxury bathroom description? This is probably my dream bathroom. I love marble tiles as much as the next gal, but good-ness. This masculine-rustic yet dignified washroom is somewhere I wouldn’t mind sittin’.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Why is that chair there? Who cares. That mirror makes everything ok.

The above are “luxury” without being LUXURY. They are the bathrooms of people with taste and sophistication (even when they’re shaving their legs) This is LUXURY:

Beautiful? Abso-freakin-lutely. Obtainable? Errr. Personal? No.

But can we just be fun please? As a late twenty-something forever student, I need to make the best of my non-marbled, non-chendeliered bathroom. So I hit up good ol’ Pinterest:

I don’t have that awesome sink, but look at the wall color, remember it. The white tiles, DOABLE. Shower curtain, OBTAINABLE.

This bathroom image was the beginning of the inspirational images for my washroom. What’s awesome about this bathroom? Um, the prints! So EASY!

K, ready? READY? What do you get when you combine the two bathrooms above, less money, questionable floors, and meh counters?


Disclosure: I apologize for blinding orange, it’s a combination of my lack of photography skills and absence of natural light.

So I need to 1) change the hardware and 2) change that counter. The bathroom otherwise is one of the only bathrooms that wasn’t horrifying when we were house hunting. It was originally a pale mauve color, ick. We really went for it with Benjamin Moore Habanero. Part of me wishes I went with a mint color but, it’s fun. It’s right at the top of our stairs so it’s a pop. It’s somewhat problematic when I’m trying to apply makeup though, but we all face life challenges.

Here’s some simple pointers to remember when dealing with bathrooms. 1) white tile never goes out of style, it’s not trendy, it’s clean, it’s classic. 2) white towels really spruce up the joint. 3) don’t take bathrooms too seriously. I mean where else could I put that “Poop or get off the Pot” print?

Any other fun and cheap bathroom pointers for the non millionaires out there?

xoxo Stephanie

PS: Click on over to Rhiannon’s Interiors to see what surprise is in store for you over there!

Spoiler Alert: Tomorrow I’ll be featuring a guest pot written by the lovely Rhiannon of Rhiannon’s Interiors. It’ll be about something I know NOTHING about, but want to know EVERYTHING about.

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10 thoughts on “luxury, LUXURY, and Obtainable Bathrooms

  1. We are (hopefully) going to completely renovate our bathroom soon and I am loving the idea of a mint or Tiffany blue wall. I figure keep the tiles white and neutral and then add colour in the walls and towels, both of which are a heck of a lot easier (and cheaper!) to change than tiles when you get bored.

  2. I love your fun poppy bathroom! Your print is amazing. And I totally agree, it should be a place to have fun with decor! We did tone on tone stripes in our half bath and I never would have been brave enough to try it anywhere else. Nice Job!

    • Thank you! I love stripes! I wanted navy/white stripes in our half bath but hub was not having it (I couldn’t understand why after painting every other room in the entire house) haha.

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      • Oh god no don’t start at the beginning, haha. I am not overly proud of my first several months of posts and my tastes have refined a bit since then. But it is fun to browse archives and I’m ever flattered that you find Design-Vox worthy of class distraction material. 🙂

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